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Kinaray-a Translation Services: Introducing Our Newest Lineup

If you live in a country with a single dominant language, where most people speak the same native language all across the land, it’s difficult to imagine the sheer amount of linguistic diversity in a country like the Philippines. More than 180 different languages are indigenous to the country’s 7,000+ islands, some spoken by millions and others kept alive by only dozens. While Tagalog is used as a lingua franca across the Philippines, most inhabitants of the Southeast Asian nation don’t speak it as a first language—instead, they grow up speaking smaller languages like Kinaray-a.

Kinaray-a (which you may also hear called Karay-a) has around 600,000 native speakers. While that pales in comparison to Tagalog’s 22 million native speakers, Kinaray-a nonetheless ranks as the 14th biggest language in the wildly diverse country, making Kinaray-a a strong and influential language in its region. However, Kinaray-a is often overshadowed not only by Tagalog and English but also the local lingua franca of Hiligaynon, which stifles Kinaray-a’s reach even in its key area. That’s why it can be a challenge to find great Kinaray-a translation services—but here at, we’re trying to remedy the situation with our new Kinaray-a translation team.

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Allow us to delve deeper into Kinaray-a.

So, where exactly is Kinaray-a spoken, you might ask? This important Philippine language is indigenous to the western Bisayas, a collection of islands in the heart of the Filipino archipelago. More specifically, Kinaray-a speakers can be found primarily in Antique, Iloilo, and Guimaras, as well as southern Aklan, Occidental Mindoro, western Capiz, and parts of Palawan and Soccsksargen. Most Kinaray-a speakers also have a good handle on Hiligaynon, which features a larger body of literature and media, but naturally, they prefer their native tongue.

Since most languages in the Philippines come from the same family (specifically, the Philippine branch of the vast Austronesian family), many of them share resemblances in both grammar and vocabulary. Indeed, Kinaray-a exhibits clear similarities in vocabulary with Tagalog and Malay, but the language is still quite a bit different, certainly not mutually intelligible in any way. Also, like many other Philippine languages, Kinaray-a’s pronouns are complicated—they come in various case forms (absolutive, ergative, and oblique), with emphatic forms for the absolutive pronouns. There’s also a distinction between a “we” that includes the listener and one that explicitly doesn’t.

Our Kinaray-a translation services are designed to meet your unique needs.

Our Kinaray-a translators, who hail from different areas in the western Bisayas, are all native speakers of Kinaray-a, though the particular dialect differs from person to person. This means we maintain vast coverage over different types of Kinaray-a, enabling easy access to the precise Kinaray-a translation services you need. Also, regardless of their dialect, all our Kinaray-a translators are passionate about their language, and they’re committed to delivering high-quality results, whether they’re translating your English text into Kinaray-a or converting Kinaray-a writing into English.

Our dedication to high-quality Kinaray-a translation applies to all the different types of Kinaray-a translation services we may render. For example, we lean on the business experts on our team to produce reliable business translation services to and from Kinaray-a for everything from business plans and financial reports to white papers, press releases, and ad copy. If you’re looking for more academically inclined translation services, our team features a number of experts from different fields, so they can skillfully navigate the technical vocabulary in your journal articles, theses, conference papers, research questionnaires, and more. And then there’s literary translation—it requires the utmost finesse to faithfully translate the style, tone, and nuance of a literary work, but our Kinaray-a translators have the necessary skills and experience for the job, whether to or from Kinaray-a.

Whatever kind of Kinaray-a translation services you need, our team is committed to bringing you the best. Get started today by sending a quick message!


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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