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Introducing Our New Translation Services for Logooli

The East African nation of Kenya is remarkably diverse, with dozens of distinct ethnolinguistic groups filling its borders. Linguistically, Kenya is primarily split between two families—the Bantu branch of the massive Niger–Congo language family and the Nilotic branch of the Nilo–Saharan language family. Swahili, which, alongside English, functions as Kenya’s national lingua franca, is the best-known example of a Bantu language, but others, like Logooli, also abound within Kenya.

With approximately 620,000 native speakers, Logooli stands as one of the biggest minority languages in Kenya. The language is known by many names, with Logoli, Lulogooli, Ululogooli, and Maragoli all alternative monikers. The ethnic group that indigenously speaks the language is typically called the Maragoli, even though this is not a common name for the language. Given Logooli’s minority status, it’s often overshadowed by bigger languages in Kenya, so it can be difficult to find reliable translation services for the tongue. At, we’ve endeavored to address this gap by building our own Logooli translation team.

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We’d love to tell you a little more about Logooli.

The Maragoli people are a subtribe of the Luhya people, a major ethnic group in Kenya, numbering over 6 million. In fact, the Maragoli make up one of the largest subtribes of the Luhya, and while the Logooli language is poorly understood by other Luhya peoples, Logooli speakers typically understand other Luhya languages relatively well. Logooli speakers can be found around Kakamega County, located close to the Ugandan border in western Kenya.

Logooli is a Bantu language and thus shares many of the quintessential Bantu features, including a heavy preference for prefixes over suffixes, a subject-verb-object word order, and an extensive noun class system. The noun class system in particular is what makes Logooli and other Bantu languages tricky—think of the grammatical gender in languages like Spanish and German but increase the number of genders to more than a dozen. The various noun classes in Logooli come with a corresponding prefix that must be attached not only to the noun itself but also to any verbs, adjectives, demonstratives, and possessives that modify the noun, which can make the language a nightmare for learners. But our native-speaking Logooli translators escaped this hardship by being born into the language, so you don’t have to worry about your translation quality.

What kind of Logooli translation services are you looking for?

If you’re looking for Logooli translation services, we’re the team for you—no matter what kind of project you may have. In an effort to accommodate as many clients as possible, we set out to build a highly diverse translation team that covers the various dialects of Logooli spoken across western Kenya. With experience in different areas of translation, our translators are bona fide experts who can skillfully guide you through the grammatical challenges of Logooli translation, whether you’re looking for English-to-Logooli translation or Logooli-to-English translation.

Our Logooli translators are passionate about their role in bridging the gap between their Luhya tribe and the international community, so they’re eager to assist clients from all walks of life, be that academia, business, the arts, or another domain. We have experts in academic translation who are specialized in all sorts of fields, complementing our business translation experts who work with clients from various industries. We also have literary translation experts to round out our team, translating everything from novels and poems to apps and videos both to and from Logooli. If you need a translator with expertise in a particular field, just let us know—we’ll match you with the right team member.

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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