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Introducing Our Dedicated Translation Services for Castilian Spanish

Spanish is the fourth-most widely spoken language in the world, and if only native speakers are counted, it jumps up to second place, even surpassing English. It’s spoken not only in its indigenous Spain but also in most of Central and South America and even a few countries in Africa and Asia. Adding to Spanish’s influence, the allure of Hispanic culture draws in learners from all over the world, making Spanish one of the most important languages today. Any language with such an expansive reach is bound to exhibit a great deal of dialectical diversity, and that’s certainly the case with Spanish, which offers colorful variations across the Spanish-speaking world.

Castilian Spanish is inarguably one of the most important variants of Spanish—so much so that the term is sometimes used to refer to Spanish from Spain in general. Castilian certainly doesn’t account for all Spanish spoken in the southern European nation, but it is the most influential dialect, serving as the basis for Standard Spanish and being used widely in Spanish media. In particular, it differentiates itself from Andalusian Spanish, which dominates the southern portion of the country, especially in the southernmost region of Andalusia.

At, we offer translation services for all dialects of Spanish, including, of course, Castilian. Our specialists ensure an exquisitely tailored translation to or from Castilian—if you want a free quote, just ask!

A little more information about Castilian Spanish

Castilian is native to the north and central regions of Spain and is generally thought of as the northern variant of Peninsular Spanish, with Andalusian acting as its southern counterpart. It traces its history back to the Crown of Castile, a medieval polity that began in the north and central area of modern-day Spain and eventually conquered most of the modern-day country. Though Castilian Spanish is widespread in Spain, much of the historical immigration to Latin America came from Andalusia, making Castilian particularly distinct from the varieties of Spanish spoken across the Americas.

Castilian, as a dialect of Spanish, features all the grammatical elements typical of a Romance language—a two-way grammatical gender system, a general lack of cases, noun-final adjectives, complex verbal conjugation, and a heavily Latinate lexicon. In Spain, however, Castilian features stark differences from its southern cousin, Andalusian, most notably in pronoun usage. In the second-person plural, Castilian uses distinct pronouns to differentiate formality—vosotros for informal situations, and ustedes for formal ones. Andalusian, on the other hand, uses ustedes for both cases.

Let us serve all your Castilian translation needs.

If you’re looking specifically for a high-quality Castilian translation, it’s not enough to just hire any old Spanish translator. Even if they’re exceptionally skilled, if Castilian isn’t their native language, they just won’t be able to deliver the quality you’re seeking. Don’t worry—we’ve carefully selected the best translators we could find across northern and central Spain to bring you our dedicated Castilian translation team, and they’re eager to help.

Whether you need translation into Castilian or translation from Castilian, you can count on us. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a business leader, esteemed academic, renowned author, or anyone else—the incredible diverse and well-rounded experience of our team allows us to cater to just about every translation niche. So, we can translate your marketing material and internal business documents, whether you’re expanding operations to Spain or moving from Spain to the wider world. We can meticulously translate your academic papers and questionnaires so that you can connect with your peers in Spain or abroad, and so that you can conduct research in the native language of your subjects. We can translate your literary and creative material—everything from historical literature and flowery poetry to the most cutting-edge games and apps on the market—so you can reach a wider audience and share your content with more people. Whatever you need, we’re here.

It’s never been easier to access Castilian translation services. Get started today simply by sending us a message!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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