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Introducing New Translation Services for Waiká

You might know that Portuguese is the dominant language of Brazil, with Brazil accounting for the overwhelming majority of Portuguese speakers around the world. But you might not know that this Ibero–Romance language is not the only language of Brazil. “Sure,” you figure, “there are tons of immigrant languages, right?” No, that’s not what we mean. Modern-day Brazil is brimming with hundreds of indigenous languages still spoken to this day, and one of them is Waiká.

With its 6,000-odd native speakers, Waiká may not strike you as a very big language, and indeed, compared to Portuguese, it’s not. But compared to the other indigenous languages still spoken across South America, it’s relatively large, and since many Waiká speakers are monolingual, the language is considered more stable than some other languages with more speakers. However, Waiká, like most other indigenous languages on the continent, remains endangered. It’s important to support languages like Waiká, and that’s exactly what we at are proud to do with our Waiká translation services.

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What kind of language is Waiká, anyway?

Waiká, spoken in the Brazilian states of Roraima and Amazonas, by the border with Venezuela, is also known under the name Yanomám. This indigenous language, tucked away deep in the Amazon, unsurprisingly hails from the Yanomam language family, a small cluster of closely related languages that bear no discernible relations to the other languages around them. It’s not to be confused with the Yanomamö language, the biggest of the Yanomam family, despite the incredibly similar names, with Waika also used as a name for Yanomamö.

Waiká is a language rich in nuance that can make it tricky to translate to and from English. Its syntax is informed by a subject-object-verb word order, the most common word order among the world’s languages, and it has no adjectives per se—rather, it uses verbs to express adjectival attributes (e.g., “to be big” as a verb instead of “big” as an adjective). Different levels of “this” and “that” distinguish varying levels of distance, and evidentiality markers shed light on where the speaker obtained the information they’re conveying—from personal experience, inference, or hearsay. If you want to ensure you’re properly capturing all the nuances of Waiká, you have to work with native-speaking translators—which is who’s on our team.

Waiká translation services customized for your project

Given the relatively isolated nature of the Waiká people, deep in the Amazon, with the majority of the population being monolingual in their indigenous language, it’s no wonder it’s hard to come across translation services for Waiká. We’re working hard to prepare the best Waiká translation team we can for clients across Brazil and the world, with proud and passionate Waiká native speakers eager to help clients translate both to and from their language.

Since the pool of available Waiká speakers is incredibly limited, we can’t guarantee that we’ll have the right specialist for your specific needs, but we’ll always do our best to match you with the best Waiká translator for your project. If you want academically oriented translation services, such as for a research project or educational materials for Waiká-language lessons, we can help. If you represent an organization and you want to develop ties with the Waiká-speaking community, our translators are here for you. If you’re a language activist and want to raise the profile of the Waiká people by sharing their traditional stories with the world as you translate foreign content like books, poems, and apps into Waiká for the benefit of the community, we’d be thrilled to assist you. Just tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Our Waiká translation team is ready to take on your project—just place an order at your convenience!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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