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Introducing a New Translation Services Team for Masbateño

The Philippines is one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world. That’s right—people in this Southeast Asian island nation speak a lot more than just Tagalog. While Tagalog, or Filipino, as its standardized form is known, is used as the national lingua franca, people from different parts of this vibrant country speak a variety of local languages as their native tongue. Many of these languages boast vigorous speaker communities, such as Masbateño.

With an estimated 680,000 people speaking it as their first language, Masbateño is an important and locally influential language in the Philippines. Its close proximity to other languages in the region, such as Hiligaynon, Waray, Cebuano, and the Bicol languages, has resulted in the language soaking up various grammatical and lexical influences, while also projecting its own words and structures into other languages. However, since Masbateño is smaller than some other regional languages, it’s under threat. Here at, we’re proud to translate to and from Masbateño, regardless of size.

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Discovering the uniqueness of Masbateño

The majority of Masbateño speakers live in the Filipino province of Masbate, which consists of three islands in the central Philippines. A minority of Masbateño speakers also reside in Sorsogon, a province in the country’s Bicol Region. Masbateño is closely related to Capiznon and slightly less closely to Hiligaynon, which is also widely spoken in Masbate. Masbateño is divided into three main dialects—western, southern, and northern—with the northern dialect accounting for the variety of Masbateño spoken in Masbate City.

In terms of grammar, Masbateño is a complex language that’s difficult to grasp if you’re not familiar with Philippine languages. The language is characterized by heavy inflection on both nouns and verbs, with a great deal of nuance to be found within the myriad affixes of Masbateño. Reduplication—the repetition of all or part of word to change its meaning—is common, as in many other Austronesian languages. Verbs are conjugated for voice, aspect, and modality, as in other Philippine languages, with Masbateño even featuring a verbal mode to describe an accidental or potential action. The pronouns are also complex, with three case distinctions and separate forms for independent pronouns and those directly attached to verbs. But you don’t have to worry about all the complications of Masbateño grammar because our translators are native speakers, intimately familiar with all the ins and outs of translating to and from this complex language.

Masbateño translation services to fit any project

If you want great Masbateño translation services, you’ve come to the right team. Not many translation companies offer dedicated services for smaller languages like Masbateño, but here at, we’re committed to providing the best services possible for this important language. We work with native Masbateño speakers from all over Masbate and Sorsogon, meaning we offer broad coverage of various Masbateño dialects, and we also make sure to hire translators who have experience in different types of translation services. That way, we can ensure clients from all backgrounds can access the Masbateño translation services they need—even if they’re working with technical content.

Whether you work in academia, business, or the entertainment industry, you’re always welcome to seek Masbateño translation services from us. Our diverse team of translation specialists can tailor their work to fit the specific needs of your project—simply let us know what niche you’re working with. From academic research papers to corporate financial reports, from novel manuscripts to film subtitles, our team is ready to translate to or from Masbateño for whatever you might need.

Reach out to us today, and let’s get started on your first Masbateño translation project!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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