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In Europe, countries tend to be divided along linguistic lines, with most people in a given country speaking the national language. Germans speak German, Italians speak Italian, Hungarians speak Hungarian—easy. But in Africa, the situation is much more complicated. In most African nations, widely spoken indigenous languages abound, necessitating a national lingua franca to tie the populace together. In Chad alone, there are more than 100 native languages spoken at the community level—and one of them is Maba.

With roughly 570,000 native speakers, Maba—or Maban, Mabang, or Bura Mabang, as it’s sometimes known—constitutes one of Chad’s larger languages, spoken by most ethnically Maba people. Maba speakers usually also learn Arabic—typically the local Chadian variety, although the minority of Maba speakers in Sudan learn Sudanese Arabic—and use it to communicate with other ethnic groups in the country. Maba is generally overlooked by translation companies, but not us here at we’re proud to introduce our new translation services for Maba!

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Maba: Discovering one of the biggest languages in Chad

As of 2019, there were a recorded 542,000 native speakers of Maba living in Chad, primarily in the regions of Ouaddaï and Wadi Fira. An additional 25,000 native Maba speakers were recorded in Sudan in 2017, where the language is called Sulaihab. The language consists of several dialects, the most prominent of which are Maba proper, Kodroy, Kabartu, and Kondongo, and it’s used as a local trade language, reinforcing its importance in the country. Maba belongs to the Nilo–Saharan language family, situated on the Maban branch, which it shares with other important languages like Masalit.

In terms of grammar, Maba adopts a subject-object-verb word order, and while this may seem strange to an English speaker, SOV is the most common word order in the world. Nouns take priority in the language, with adjectives, demonstratives (words like “this” and “that”), numerals, and even prepositions (postpositions in this case) all coming after the noun. Maba has no grammatical gender but does have three noun cases, which are indicated through changes in tone rather than grammatical inflection, as in languages like Russian. Maba is a unique language in many ways, which can complicate translation efforts—but don’t worry, our translators are native speakers who are passionate about their language.

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Quality in Maba translation services matters to us—which is why we’ve tried to put together the best Maba translation team we can. Not only do we have native Maba speakers from the Chadian regions of Ouaddaï and Wadi Fira, but we’ve also hired some Sudanese Maba translators, so if you’re looking for a specific regional variant or a particular dialect, just let us know! Our translation services are available both from English to Maba and from Maba to English—in either direction, our team is eager to help.

Sometimes, our clients are looking for more specialized translation services than can be provided by general translators. Not to worry—we’ve hired Maba translators who are well versed in different types of translation. Now, you can access academic translation, business translation, literary translation, and localization services to and from Maba. If you’re worried about technical language in your text, just let us know the field you’re working in, and we’ll assign your project to a Maba translator who understands your discipline or industry. Indeed, if you have any special requests, just ask—we’ll always try to accommodate your needs.

At, we’re passionate about providing the best Maba translation services we can. Let’s get started today—all you have to do is message us and place an order for Maba translation services.


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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