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Hiring Tamil Translation Services: The Top 5 Risks

Tamil is a classical language with hundreds of ancient works read even today. At the same time, it’s a thriving language spoken by millions. For someone from outside, these two may look like different languages, but a fine, beautiful thread connects them.

This makes translation from English to Tamil a formidable challenge. One might get the words translated, but the spirit can be lost in the process. Here are the top five risks in translating to Tamil and why you should consider a professional Tamil translation service for your needs.

1. Tamil has unique sentence construction.

Tamil’s unique sentence construction is very natural to Tamilians, but it’s totally opposite from that of English. As a result, a word-by-word translation looks alien to every reader, not just native speakers. It’s common to hear people discount a text by saying, “That doesn’t look natural. It must be a translation.”

2. Word choice is important, but difficult.

Tamil has hundreds of thousands of words, among which only a fraction are in use today. This means, during translation, it’s crucial to select words that will be understood by your target audiences. A wrong choice may result in an expensive communication gap. Professional Tamil translation services avoid this by continuously monitoring mass media and communication strategies and aligning their work with current readers’ expectations.

3. One Tamil doesn’t fit all.

Tamil is spoken all over the world, resulting in different types of Tamil: Indian, Sri Lankan, Malaysian, Singaporean and more. Each of these types has subtle differences. If the translation doesn’t consider the type of Tamil the readers are used to, they may not able to understand the context fully.

4. There are no automated quality checks.

Writers in English and many other languages enjoy a series of online tools that can be used to fix spelling mistakes and grammar errors. While there have been many attempts to develop similar tools for Tamil, none of them are dependable. As Tamil’s grammar is some of the toughest, most casual translators may overlook glaring errors, bringing down the overall quality of translation. This is why professional Tamil translation services have dedicated experts and quality checks in place to ensure you get what works best for your readers.

5. Writing style matters a lot.

Tamil displays a distinct difference between academic and casual writing styles. Depending on the type of document and what readers are expecting, the translator should adjust the style and ensure the message reaches the audience correctly. It’s a big challenge given that these two worlds are entirely different, like chalk and cheese.

How can these risks be avoided?

Thankfully, our professional Tamil translation services are staffed by experts who can write naturally in Tamil in whichever style or type you’re looking for. We can quickly provide you with affordable, high-quality translations that suit your readers well.


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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