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Hereby Debuting Our New Marachi Translation Services

Kenya is one of the best-known countries in Africa, but no one ethnic group comprises the Kenyan state. Rather, like most other African countries, Kenya is made up of dozens of distinct ethnolinguistic groups, resulting in a highly multicultural nation with more than 65 indigenous languages spoken within its borders. The Kikuyu people constitute the largest ethnic group in Kenya, with the Luhya and Kalenjin coming in second and third. Both are divided into several subtribes, and it’s among the Luhya that we find the Marachi people.

Like most other Luhya tribes, the Marachi speak their own language, called Marachi, spoken by roughly 160,000 people. Though it’s closely related to other Luhya languages, Marachi is distinct and contributes to the unique cultural identity of the Marachi people. But it’s difficult for the language to flourish under the pressures of national lingua francas Swahili and English, not to mention the influences from other minority languages in the region. We at are passionate about Marachi and are proud to be one of the few international translation companies offering dedicated Marachi translation services.

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Taking a closer look at Marachi

The Marachi are native to the densely populated western portion of Kenya, where they live among other Luhya tribes and the Kalenjin people. To be more precise, Marachi speakers tend to live in Vihiga County, a region of Kenya’s former Western Province. Marachi belongs to the Bantu subfamily of languages in the larger Niger–Congo family, which accounts for the majority of languages across Africa. The Bantu subfamily alone boasts more than 600 individual languages, meaning Marachi has a lot of related languages all across the continent.

Marachi bears all the characteristic features of Bantu languages, including the subject-verb-object word order, the heavy preference for prefixes over suffixes, and the extensive noun class system that permeates all aspects of the language. In Marachi, as in other Bantu tongues, you’ll find more than a dozen noun classes that function similarly to the grammatical gender of European languages like French or German, with adjectives, verbs, demonstratives, and possessives also marked for class. While this system can reduce ambiguity, it certainly increases the complexity of Marachi—but when you work with our native-speaking Marachi translators, you don’t have to worry about the intricacies of the grammar.

Marachi translation services tailored to any need

At, we take quality and accuracy seriously, even when it comes to minority languages rarely covered by translation firms, such as Marachi. To ensure our diverse clientele has access to the best Marachi translation services possible, we’ve hired Marachi translators from all across Vihiga County and beyond, which ensures broad coverage of the different varieties of the Bantu language. Some of our translators specialize in translation into Marachi, while others are better versed in translation from Marachi—but no matter which direction they work in, all our translators are passionate about connecting Marachi speakers with the rest of the world.

We’re dedicated to helping anyone who needs Marachi translation services, regardless of the type of project. To this end, we’ve ensured that we have academic translators, business translators, literary translators, and other translation specialists on our team who can draw on their specific expertise to cater to the individualized needs of our various clients. To the best of our ability, we’ve also hired Marachi translators who are knowledgeable in a variety of fields, which allows us to accommodate clients whose texts contain esoteric terminology. If you have any special requests, simply reach out and ask—we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

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Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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