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Gallo Translation Services are Available

Gallo is a Romance language closely related to French and even closer to Picard and Norman. Sometimes, people refer to Gallo as a dialect of French but is in fact a distinct language that a French speaker cannot understand without prior exposure. This makes Gallo a difficult language to provide translation services for. Fortunately, can now announce that we are prepared to handle all your needs for communication in Gallo. If you have any Gallo communication needs, contact us today.

A Romance Language in Brittany

The Gallo language is Gallo-Romance language that’s closely related to French and Occitan and more distantly related to Spanish and Italian. Gallo has a long history as the day-to-day language of Romance-speaking Brittany, and it is today spoken in the eastern part of Brittany, most especially in the department of Ille-et-Vilaine.

With its roots in Latin, Gallo has a long history; in fact, many French soldiers in the Norman conquest of England actually spoke Gallo. Likewise, the language has a long-standing literary tradition that goes back to the 1100s and continues to this day. Moreover, the Gallo culture also practices traditional story-telling in the language, and of course, there is still a lot of Gallo-language music. Today, the use of Gallo is diminishing as people prefer to use the standard French fostered and supported by the state.

Good Communication in Gallo

The confusion between Gallo’s status as a dialect or language can make it hard to find translators skilled in the language. At, we have the right experience and background to make sure that any content you need in Gallo will be transcribed accurately and with expertise. Feel free to get a quote from us for any needs you might have in the Gallo language.


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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