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Occitan to English Translation Services


When it comes to Romance languages, Occitan is often overlooked in favor of French, Spanish, and Catalan. Previously considered a dialect of Catalan, the language is still spoken by about 600,000 people and is considered an important part of the cultural heritage of southern France. As such, it’s important to have high-quality translations from an agency that has the necessary experience with the Occitan language. 


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Occitan is a West Romance language closely related to Catalan and more distantly to French. It’s spoken in southern France and a few small pockets in northern Italy. Unlike other Romance languages such as Italian and Spanish, Occitan has no standard form, which makes finding reliable Occitan to English translation services particularly difficult. Fortunately, with, you’ll never have to worry about the intricate and particular challenges of working with Occitan.


Materials we can translate from Occitan to English


  • Literary materials. Occitan has a long history as a literary language in Europe, with a wealth of poetry, stories, and songs that remain unknown outside of the region. Fortunately, our agency has the training and experience to provide the best translations for such texts.

  • Historical documents. With more than a millennium of history, several historical documents in Occitan still have not yet been translated into English. Our team of translators has the experience needed to translate historical Occitan into English.


Whether you need Occitan to English translation services in Monaco, Limousin, Béarn, or anywhere else, is ready to help you. Our agency has the experience and skills needed for such projects and offers competitive rates.


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