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From Now On, We Can Help You With Konjo Translation Services

Africa is a much bigger continent than people give it credit for—but while the entirety of Europe measures a mere 10 million square kilometers, Africa is three times larger at 30 million square kilometers. Across this expansive land mass, we find a plethora of distinct ethnolinguistic groups, with native Africans collectively speaking more than 2000 different languages. Individual African countries also exhibit incredible language diversity, a prime example being Uganda, with more than 70 indigenous languages spread across the East African nation. It’s here, and in the neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo, that we find the Konjo language.

According to the 2002 Ugandan census, 610,000 people in the highly populated African country speak the Konjo language natively, accounting for roughly half of the ethnically Konjo population in the nation. More Konjo speakers can be found across the border in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, although the Konjo population is lower in this country. That means the true number of native Konjo speakers may be higher than the 2002 Ugandan census suggests. But either way, one thing remains true: most translation agencies won’t work with minority African languages like Konjo. is, of course, an exception—we have our very own Konjo translation team.

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Let us tell you a bit more about Konjo.

Konjo may also be called Konzo or Ihukonzo, the native name for the language. In Uganda, Konjo speakers reside in the Rwenzori region of the country’s southwest, in their very own subnational kingdom called Rwenzururu. During Uganda’s colonial past, the Konjo people were subjects of the neighboring Tooro Kingdom, but they eventually rebelled to create their own kingdom, which today enjoys immense support from the Konjo people.

Konjo, a Bantu language, is highly similar to the Nande language spoken in the neighboring region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with some linguists even arguing that Konjo and Nande are two dialects of a single language. Most Bantu languages exhibit a moderately high degree of lexical and grammatical similarity anyway, with the language grouping’s most defining feature its convoluted noun class system, which, depending on the language, can include more than 20 noun classes. In Bantu languages, and Konjo is no exception, these noun classes come with agreement concords, which are prefixes or particles that attach to verbs, adjectives, demonstratives, and other words that modify the given noun, making the noun class system pervasive in Konjo.

Our Konjo team is ready to translate for you.

It’s not easy to find Konjo translation services—we know. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to build the best Konjo translation team we could, sourcing our experienced Konjo translators from across Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Our translators are native speakers of the Konjo language, having grown up speaking the varied dialects of the Bantu language, and their passion for their language binds them together. Indeed, whether you’re a native Konjo speaker in Uganda or the Democratic Republic of the Congo or you’re a foreign national looking to connect with Konjo speakers, our team is ready to help with translations both to and from Konjo.

We want to make sure we can cater to your unique translation needs, whether you’re coming to us from the business world, academia, or a creative field. That’s why we’ve hired Konjo translators who have experience in different types of translation—everything from business papers and marketing materials to research questionnaires, novels, poems, and mobile apps. Working in a niche? All you have to do is let us know what field your content revolves around, and we’ll set you up with a Konjo translator well suited to your unique translation needs.

We translate to and from Konjo with pride. Message us today with the details of your project, and let’s get started!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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