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Camsá Translation Services: A Proud Addition to Our Repertoire

Languages don’t develop in a vacuum—just like the people who speak them, they’re living things that evolve over time, splitting into different dialects and eventually completely different languages that seem entirely foreign to one another. Related languages are classified into language families, with linguists tracing their shared histories back as far as possible. But some languages simply have no discernible relations to other known languages. These unique outliers, called isolates, can be found around the world—and one such language isolate is Camsá.

Camsá is spoken by roughly 4,200 people in Colombia as a first language, which accounts for nearly the entirety of the ethnic Camsá population. This means that Camsá is a relatively stable language not in immediate danger of takeover by Spanish, although the ubiquity of Spanish in broader Colombian society still represents a considerable threat for Camsá. Translation services for this minority South American language isolate are hard to come by, so we at made our own Camsá translation team.

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One of the most unique languages in South America: Camsá

Camsá (or Kamëntsá, as it’s known to speakers) is mostly spoken in Sibundoy, a town in Colombia’s Putumayo Department. There, the Camsá people live alongside the Inga, with Spanish as the predominant language but Camsá and Inga also widely spoken in the region. A few varieties of Camsá have been identified, namely Sebondoy, Quillacinga, and Patoco. Otherwise, attempts to link Camsá to other languages (such as the Chibchan languages) have failed.

Though Camsá is unrelated to the hundreds of other languages across South America, its grammar is no less complex. Classified as a polysynthetic language, Camsá demonstrates a high degree of inflection, with heavy use of both prefixes and suffixes. Other than the subject preceding the verb, there is no dominant word order in Camsá, making the language highly flexible. Adjectives can appear either before or after the noun they modify, although numerals always come before the noun. A notable difference between Camsá and other nearby languages in Colombia is the presence of the dual number, existing alongside the more conventional singular and plural numbers. To make the most of your Camsá translation project, it’s important to work with native-speaking translators (like ours!) to capture all the subtle nuances of Camsá.

Camsá translation services that take your special requests into account

It’s hard to find Camsá translation services, and those that do exist generally cater to Spanish rather than English. We’ve worked hard to make Camsá translation services more accessible to clients all across Colombia and the rest of the world, sourcing the best Camsá translators we could find from Sibundoy and beyond. Given the unique nature of their native language isolate, our Camsá translators are proud to provide meticulous translation services both to and from Camsá.

We’ve hired Camsá translators with experience in different types of translation, so if you need a specific type of translation for your project, don’t hesitate to let us know. Academic translation services, for example, are ideal if you’re looking to disseminate a questionnaire to Camsá speakers for research purposes, or if you want to translate learning content into the language for Camsá-speaking children. Business translation services work well for organizations who want to forge deeper ties with the Camsá-speaking community. Literary translation services are a great way to support the Camsá language, either by translating Camsá stories into English to spread them around the globe or by translating foreign media (books, poetry, short stories, apps, games, etc.) into Camsá to make great content in the language more accessible to speakers and learners alike.

Whatever your Camsá translation project may be, our team is here for you. Take a moment to place an order now!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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