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Michigan’s Best Translation Services, Available Here


Michiganders from all over the state can enjoy our tailored translation services.

As a peninsular state jutting into the Great Lakes, Michigan features no lack of geographical beauty, whether you’re in the Upper Peninsula or the Lower Peninsula. With Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Mackinac Island State Park, the Manistee National Forest, and many more breathtaking nature spots, Michigan is a truly incredible place—and the more than 10 million people who call the state home know it. All over Michigan, you’ll find hardworking scholars, CEOs, authors, and others who want to spread their messages to the world. We at are eager to support them with our flexible and diverse translation services.

We work with translators around the world to bring you top-notch translation services in just about any language you can think of. Many of our clients want to work with widely spoken languages like Spanish, Arabic, Somali, French, Portuguese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, and Tagalog, but we also help clients translate to and from less common languages like Croatian, Greek, Dari, Lao, and more. One of our most defining features is our work with endangered languages, such as Chippewa, Ojibwe, Cree, Lakota, and hundreds of others.

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Translation services you can enjoy across both peninsulas of Michigan

The Great Lakes State is home to more than 10 million people, so naturally, Michiganders have a wide range of interests, specializations, and lifestyles. There are Michiganders forging ahead in academia, Michiganders building business empires, and Michiganders weaving heartwarming narratives. The population of Michigan is represented by a variety of languages, with Michiganders living out their lives in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Warren, Sterling Heights, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Dearborn, Livonia, and elsewhere. For all Michiganders, our translators are here to help.

·        Our academic translators are here for all the bright and ambitious students, professors, and researchers at Michigan’s various universities, including the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Wayne State University, and the University of Detroit Mercy. It doesn’t matter what field your dissertation, research paper, or journal article is in, because our team is filled with experts in various disciplines ready to provide precise academic translation services.

·        Our business translators are thrilled to support the innovative entrepreneurs, CEOs, and other business leaders across the Great Lakes State, no matter the size of their company or the sector they operate in. We work hard to help professionals translate everything from business proposals to press releases to or from hundreds of languages, taking your individual specifications into account.

·        Our literary translators would love to help Michigan’s novelists, poets, nonfiction authors, and other writers prepare their lovingly crafted manuscripts for international publication. You can trust our experienced literary translators to convey the meaning and message of your prose without sacrificing the unique tone and style you worked so hard to develop, ensuring your readers worldwide are reading your authentic voice.

·        The translators at the medical translation company we’ve partnered with are excited to provide trustworthy translation services to healthcare professionals in Michigan, helping them do their vitally important jobs. The expertise of the translators in various medical subfields—be it anesthesiology, radiology, or neurology—means they have an in-depth understanding of the complex terminology that may arise in your documents, and they can handle such esoteric language with professionalism and ease.

·        The translators at the legal translation firm we’ve partnered with are passionate about helping fellow legal professionals across Michigan access specialized translation services for their high-level legal documents. Indeed, it can be hard to find suitable translation services for legal niches like copyright law, corporate law, and family law, given the esoteric vocabulary of these subfields. The experienced translators at our partner company are expertly trained in their respective fields of the law, so you can trust their legal translation expertise.

·        Our certified translation team is available to help anyone looking to make a fresh start in Michigan. The state welcomes a slew of new immigrants every year, and it’s not hard to understand why. However, immigration is a tricky, bureaucratic process, and governments may require a certified translation of your official documents (e.g., birth certificate and academic transcripts), which we can help with.

·        Our localization team is eager to assist Michigan tech experts with the global distribution of their digital products, whether they’re working on websites, apps, programs, or games. We have experience working with digital projects of all sizes, types, and genres, so no matter what you’re making, you can trust our localization experts for a high-quality translation.

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World-class translators working for Michiganders.

It’s a big world—and we’ve scoured the entire thing to bring you top translation talent. For each of the languages we serve, we’ve found the most skilled translators, many of whom specialize in particular areas of translation. What if your document deals with esoteric language? That’s not a problem either, because we’ve specifically sought out translators who are experts in a wide range of fields.

Michigan’s population of more than 10 million is bigger than some countries. Indeed, it represents a vast number of people who may need translation services for any number of reasons, be they related to academia, business, literature, or other areas. Our translators are excited to serve the diverse people of Michigan with whatever they may need in regard to translation—at an affordable price!

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Michiganders: take advantage of our free sample offer!

We offer free samples of our translation services, with no obligations to place a paid order. It’s a quick, easy, and risk-free way to test our translators and see whether we’re a good fit for your unique translation needs. Why not send us your translation document today and check out our free samples?

Here’s how you can request your free sample.

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