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English to Dari Translation Services


Dari is the most widely spoken language throughout Afghanistan. Occasionally known as Dari Persian or Farsi-ye Dari, it is one of Afghanistan’s official languages, alongside Pashto, in the Afghan constitution. As such, it’s used as a lingua franca in interethnic communication within the country and elsewhere in Central Asia. Aside from roughly 25 million people in Afghanistan, comprising more than two-thirds of the population, about 2.5 million people in the large Afghan diaspora also speak Dari.


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Although Iranian Persian and Dari are closely related, they remain distinct languages, with the Kabul dialect of Dari being used as the standard in Afghanistan since at least the 1940s. Thus, Dari and Iranian Persian exhibit key differences in grammar, lexicon, and style. To effectively communicate with a population that uses Dari, you need translations from qualified and experienced language experts. The team at can help you break into a new market of more than 27 million, working with a huge range of materials to expand your readership.



Materials We Translate from English to Dari


  • Business materials. We work with any enterprise trying to expand into a Dari-speaking market. We can translate customer-facing content such as product reviews, catalogues, and advertisements as well as business plans and presentations.


  • Legal documents. Our team understands the challenges of translating legal materials. We partner with trained professionals who have years of experience ensuring translated phrasing and terminology perfectly mirrors the original for contracts, waivers, partnership agreements, certificates, and other legal documents.


  • Localized content. Don’t miss out on the chance to help your digital content find a massive audience in Central Asia. We can translate software, apps, games, and more.


We work on a variety of projects, producing high-quality Dari translations every time. Whether you’re based in Kabul, Herat, Mazār-i-Sharīf, or anywhere else, we can provide specialized and accurate Dari-language content.


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