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Ann Arbor, Michigan, Professional Translation Services

Translations handled by an expert team

People require translated content for a variety of reasons. Some people want to reach millions in other countries. Others just want to provide content to a multilingual family member. No matter what your translation need is, you will want the translation to be as accurate as possible and that requires a translator with experience. is the premier online translation provider serving the Ann Arbor, Michigan, area because its global network of translators has the most experienced and highly skilled translators in the United States. Content providers of all types—from
business to academia, the literary world, and beyond—turn to us for all of their translation needs.  

If you want to reach a global audience (or even just a bilingual segment of your community) we can provide you with a reliable translator who has expertise in your subject matter. Our team’s topical knowledge is what sets us apart from our competitors. Also, we don’t rely on automated translations. Computer software fails to pick up on nuances like tone and style and often mangles terms specific to the subject matter. Human translators can maintain your personal style while producing the most accurate translation possible.

We can translate content into more than 100 languages (
Hindi, Portuguese, and Afrikaans among them). We specialize in translating language pairs, such as Vietnamese to English and English to Hungarian. This is a critical skill for ensuring accuracy when translating from one language to another. In addition, our teams run each translation through a rigorous set of quality checks.   

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A wide range of translation solutions

Whether you need
subtitling, literary translation, or another translation service, we have a translator who can do the job. We’re confident we provide the best translation service in all of Ann Arbor, from the University of Michigan to Matthaei Botanical Gardens. See for yourself the wide range of our translation solutions for academic, business, and creative content:

  • University professors turn to us for translating journal articles and research papers. Our team has supported scholars from the University of Michigan, Concordia University Ann Arbor, and Cleary University. We’ve worked with professors in all fields (math, business, and any number of other subjects). To ensure the highest level of accuracy, we assign translators with experience and knowledge in the subject.  


  • Tree Town business owners rely on our services to translate a variety of material—marketing brochures, human resources documents, webpages, and more. Our work helps these businesses extend their reach into new and international markets, resulting in potential new revenue streams.


  • Writers from Kerrytown to Germantown use our translators for their novels, short stories, screenplays, and other manuscripts. Our literary translators can work with any type of writing (thrillers, fantasy, memoirs, you name it).


  • The Ann Arbor healthcare community has come to trust us for medical translation tasks. We work with a partner firm to meet their translation needs in any and all medical specialties (including immunology, psychiatry, pediatrics, and more).


  • Lawyers in and around Ann Arbor use our service to translate legal documents related to criminal law, tort law, and all other types of legal work. We partner with another firm to provide high-quality translations produced under the strictest confidentiality. This team understands the terminology specific to U.S. law, so you can be confident that the translations are accurate.


  • We also do certified translation for official documents like passports and driver’s licenses. This service is especially useful for immigration purposes.


  • If you have a website, we can translate that, too. We can translate personal and professional sites, no matter how big or small.

It’s easy to get started. Place your order, submit your document, and wait for us to return a high-quality translation produced according to your instructions.

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Translators with expertise in your subject matter

Our global network of translators is second to none. They all possess experience, skills, and subject matter expertise, which is why so many of the more than 121,000 Ann Arborites choose for their translation work. We serve all, so if you are an
author, businessperson, professor, or anyone else wanting to reach people who read another language, you can count on us to make your content accessible through high-quality translations.

If you are ready, so are we.

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Free work samples available

We believe in our translations. If you’re interested, we can provide you a sample of our work at no charge so you can see the quality for yourself.  

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