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Proud to Serve Luxembourg with Translation Services


Come to us for the best translation services in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg is one of the most multilingual countries in the world. Not in terms of the number of languages indigenous to the land—that honor goes to Papua New Guinea—but in terms of the number of languages each inhabitant speaks. Roughly half of the country speaks the native Luxembourgish, but most native Luxembourgers are also proficient in English, French, and German. Immigrants from France and Portugal are also common, adding to the linguistic mosaic. Here at, we’re here to serve the translation needs of this remarkably multilingual land.

It goes without saying that we offer tailored translation services for all the major languages of Luxembourg, including Luxembourgish, French, German, and Portuguese. We even provide specialized services for different dialects, such as Metropolitan French, Belgian French, Swiss German, Austrian German, European Portuguese, and Brazilian Portuguese. But our scope of languages goes far beyond that, with translators serving everything from Indonesian to Navajo.

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We’re dedicated to serving everyone in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg is an affluent and highly developed nation, with the highest per-capita wealth in the world. Within the small West European country’s borders, you’ll find academics breaking new ground in various subjects, entrepreneurs launching innovative new startups, and creatives wowing the world with their ingenious ideas. From Luxembourg City to Esch-sur-Alzette to Differdange to Dudelange, we proudly serve Luxembourgers all over the country.

·        Luxembourg may be a small country, but its emphasis on high-quality education is big. Whether you attend the University of Luxembourg, Sacred Heart University Luxembourg, or the Miami University Dolibois European Center, it’s important that you have access to precise academic translation services that do justice to your scholarly achievements. Our academic translators specialize in various domains, so we can cover all sorts of subjects.

·        With the highest per-capita GDP in the world, Luxembourg is an economic powerhouse, filled with successful business leaders who project their corporate success around the world. Our business translators are here to help Luxembourgish CEOs and others cater to the demographics in other countries, whether that means translating employment contracts or advertisement copy.

·        Luxembourg also boasts its fair share of innovative content creators, from novelists and poets to filmmakers and TV producers. To maximize the potential of any creative work, it’s important to translate it into different languages to reach different audiences. That’s precisely what our literary translation team is here for, meticulously transporting the subtle nuances of your style and tone into other languages.

·        Healthcare is always a complex field, whether you’re dealing with internal medicine, neurology, or anesthesiology. Each subfield contains its own specific set of technical terms that make it nearly impossible for a non-expert to accurately translate. What is a Luxembourgish medical professional to do when they need reliable medical translation? Turn to us! We’ll set you up with our medical translation partner firm for the most accurate medical translation services in Luxembourg.

·        Whether they work in corporate law, tax law, or banking law, legal professionals in Luxembourg deal with dense texts full of technical legal jargon every day. Sometimes, they require translations of these texts, but it’s hard to find translators with the necessary legal expertise to reliably carry out the job. Luckily, we’ve partnered with a top legal translation company you can turn to anytime you need legal translation services in Luxembourg.

·        Luxembourg welcomes a huge number of immigrants to its small landmass—in fact, a whopping 44% of all Luxembourgers are foreign-born or of foreign background. If you, too, are eying a new life in Luxembourg, you may need certified translations of official documentation, like your birth certificate, marriage license, or academic transcripts. Just reach out to our team. We offer certified translation services to and from hundreds of languages.

·        As one of the most developed countries in the world, Luxembourg is a leader in the tech industry, with innovative programs, apps, games, websites, and more coming out of the West European nation. With the help of our localization team, you can tailor your digital media to specific foreign audiences, expanding your influence and growing your digital presence.

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A translation team fit for the diverse population of Luxembourg

Good translation isn’t easy. It’s a lot more than simply speaking two languages. That’s why we’ve been careful to select only the best translators for hundreds of languages, sourcing our experts from all over the world. We’ve hired translators who specialize in different types of translation—academic translation, business translation, literary translation, and beyond—as well as translators who are experts in other fields as well. That way, we can even accommodate projects with technical vocabulary.

With roughly 660,000 people spread throughout its 2,586 square kilometers, Luxembourg isn’t exactly the biggest country in the world, but it’s full of ambitious people with big projects who need high-quality translation services to reach their goals. Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible translation services to all Luxembourgers.

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