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English to Standard French Translation Services

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English is the most widely spoken language in the world. But it’s only spoken by around 1.35 billion of the planet’s nearly 8 billion inhabitants, so it’s hardly the “universal language” it’s made out to be. In much of the world, people don’t speak English—take France, for example. Even in this rich, highly developed Western European country whose national language is relatively close to English, only around two-fifths of the population speak English to some degree. To cash in on the lucrative French market, you’ll need professional English to Standard French translation services.

French is spoken all around the world, which has given rise to a number of different French dialects, such as Canadian French, Swiss French, Belgian French, and African French. But the biggest, most influential dialect—the prestige dialect—is without a doubt Standard French, the variant spoken in France. Standard French accounts for the majority of native French speakers, and it’s the standard choice of businesses, academics, authors, and others translating from English to French. We at are proud to offer professional English to Standard French translators for all kinds of documents, rendered by our handpicked team of French translation experts.

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What is Standard French like?

French has around 79 million native speakers worldwide, with speakers of Standard French accounting for the bulk of that figure. When second-language speakers are counted, the number of French speakers jumps to around 320 million, most of whom can understand Standard French regardless of their primary dialect. French comes from the Romance branch of the Indo-European language family and has developed from the Vulgar Latin spoken in what is now France, mixing with the indigenous Gallic language originally spoken there. French displays many similarities to English, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to learn.

French famously contains two grammatical genders, masculine and feminine, which determine the form of articles, determiners, and adjectives used with a respective noun. The language also contains a dizzying number of verbal conjugations that indicate the tense, aspect, mood, and person, although some verb forms are only distinct in writing. Adjectives come after the noun—except for a number of exceptions that speakers must simply memorize—and the base-10 number system in Standard French only extends up to 60, after which it becomes a base-20 system.

Our English to Standard French translation services are available for all kinds of content.

We’re dedicated to the highest level of quality in English to Standard French translation services, which is why we’ve selected the most skilled French translators in all of France. We subject all applicants to arduous translation examinations to ensure they can deliver the high-quality French translations we’re known for, and we hire only the best among them. 

By hiring French translators who specialize in different areas of translation, we’ve also constructed several dedicated teams of French translators for different domains of translation, such as academic translation, business translation, and literary translation. Scholars and professors from top universities around the world can connect with French colleagues in their own language thanks to our Standard French academic translation team, which works with journal articles, dissertations, reports, research questionnaires, and more across a wide array of domains. Companies and businesses from outside of France can cater to the French market by way of English to Standard French translation services from our business translation team, receiving professional translations of business plans, financial reports, web copy, press releases, and more. Authors and content creators with content in English can work with our Standard French translators to develop a version for a French audience, allowing them to cultivate a fanbase in France. No matter what you need, we’ll match you to the right Standard French translator for the job.

If you’re ready to get started with English to Standard French translation services, just reach out today!

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