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English to Luxembourgish Translation Services


Are you an author, an academic, or a businessperson looking to broaden your reach in the wealthy country of Luxembourg? You’ve come to the right place. We provide quality English to Luxembourgish translation services.


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Luxembourgish is one of the three official languages of Luxembourg (the other two are French and German), spoken by around 70% of the country. Having your work translated can help you reach this population. In Luxembourg, where honesty and tact are both highly valued, it’s to your advantage to find a translator who can best convey your intentions with not only the fluency of a native Luxembourger but also the same diplomacy.


Why choose


We have meticulous and experienced Luxembourgish translators who can handle your project. We do not use cheap and unreliable translation software or amateur translators, both of which cost clients time and money in the long run. Our translators are not only highly proficient in both English and Luxembourgish but also knowledgeable about the cultural norms in Luxembourg. Moreover, as a group, our translators are experts in many areas of study, from science to philosophy. With little time required for research, they are able to provide fast and accurate English to Luxembourgish translation services.


To whom do we provide English to Luxembourgish translation services?


Whether your project needs simple or refined diction, a formal or conversational tone, or something else, our versatile English to Luxembourgish translators can complete the task with flying colors. Among the groups we work with are the following:



  • Marketers. Our dependable translators also help advertisers and marketers convert product labels, print and digital ads, blog posts, and more into compelling Luxembourgish.


  • Writers. Our creative literary translators work with fiction and non-fiction English-speaking authors. They translate long and short manuscripts in all genres, including romance, comedy, and mystery.


  • Job hunters. If you’re looking to land a job in one of the richest countries in the world, our trusted team can translate your English resume and cover letters into polished Luxembourgish.


Not sure if we provide English to Luxembourgish translation services for your project? Chances are that we can, as we have worked on just about every type of material. Wherever you are, in Luxembourg City, Esch-sur-Alzette, Dudelange, Differdange, Boston, Ottawa, Liverpool, or Brisbane, our translation services are easily accessible online.


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