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English to Belgian French Translation Services

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Just because English is the most spoken language in the world doesn’t mean that most people in the world speak English. In fact, most don’t—only about 1.35 billion people out of a global population of close to 8 billion speak English. Businesses, content creators, scholars, and others who wish to spread their content as widely as possible quickly learn that language barriers are a major obstacle that can generally only be dismantled via professional translation services. 

If you want to translate your content into another language, French is a great choice—it’s a widely spoken, highly prestigious language with a wealthy speaker population. French comes in many varieties, generally stemming from the Standard French spoken as the national language in France itself. One of these French varieties is spoken in Belgium, a small, bilingual European nation sandwiched between France and the Netherlands, with nearly half of the population speaking French. If you’re specifically targeting a Belgian audience, delivering the most tailored experience you can is key, which is why it’s a good idea to hire a specialized English to Belgian French translation team, like the one here at 

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Discovering the world of Belgian French


Roughly half of Belgium’s population speaks the country’s variant of French. Belgium is divided fairly cleanly into French-speaking Wallonia in the south and Dutch-speaking Flanders in the north, with the bilingual capital, Brussels, located near the linguistic border on the Flemish side. Belgian French is highly mutually intelligible with the Standard French spoken in France, with Belgian French featuring vocabulary and expressions borrowed from Dutch and terms considered archaic by Standard French speakers. Belgian French has also been considerably influenced by minority Romance languages spoken in the region, such as Walloon, Picard, Champenois, and Lorrain.

Belgian French grammar can also differ from that of Standard French, mostly owing to influence from Dutch. In most cases, these are literal French translations of Dutch grammatical structures or Dutch phrases, which can sometimes contrast strongly with Standard French conventions. Having a Belgian French translator who can seamlessly weave Belgian French grammar and expressions into your translation can go a long way in impressing French-speaking Belgians.

What would you like us to translate from English to Belgian French?

Our English to Belgian French translation team consists of Belgian French translation experts from all corners of Belgium, including those with translation specialties in different areas. This ensures that we can accommodate the needs of all sorts of clients—from academics to business executives to novelists. All our Belgian French translators have also passed our grueling tests to prove their translation prowess.

Businesses looking to make a splash in Wallonia can count on our English to Belgian French translation team to create tailored content—whether business plans and financial reports or marketing materials like web copy and press releases—in smooth, engaging Belgian French. Our business translators are well versed in both translation and business, ensuring high-quality translations in a wide range of industries.

For researchers, professors, students, and others who want to work with peers at prestigious Francophone Belgian universities such as l’Université catholique de Louvain, l’Université libre de Bruxelles, and l’Université de Liège, the academic branch of our Belgian French translation team is eager to help you translate your journal articles, theses, research surveys, and more into clear, precise Belgian French. Since we hire translators familiar with diverse fields, we’ll set you up with a translator who knows your area.

Whether you’re the creator of a suspenseful novel, artful poetry, a comedy skit, or an immersive video game, our Belgian French translators can help you market your creation to audiences in Wallonia and Brussels with tailored Belgian French translation services. A dedicated Belgian French translation can make your content more immersive and enjoyable for your audience. Don’t worry—we always make sure that your unique style, tone, and creative flair still shine through in the Belgian French version.

Let’s get your content translated into flowing Belgian French—just send us a message today to get started.

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