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Our Translation Services Offering for British Columbia, Canada

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We’re proud to translate British Columbia, one language at a time.

Canada, the second-largest country in the world, stretches all the way from the Atlantic Ocean to the shining Pacific. It’s on the Pacific coast that we find British Columbia, one of the most prominent provinces of this massive country. British Columbia is renowned for its natural beauty, on display at Stanley Park, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, and the iconic Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. And living among the breathtaking beauty of British Columbia are more than five million entrepreneurs, scholars, artists, and others who need great translation services—translation services that we at are proud to provide.

We don’t eschew the emerging technological advances in translation software. In fact, we welcome it! Such software is currently not accurate enough to trust on its own, but we professional human translators can use it to make our work quicker and cheaper, saving you time and money. We offer both full translation services, where a trained human translates your work from scratch, and post-machine translation editing, where a program translates your documents, and our skilled professionals carefully edit them for accuracy and quality.

We translate just about any language you can think of. Of course, we cover major languages like Mandarin, Cantonese, Punjabi, Tagalog, and Korean, but we also work with BC’s indigenous languages, like Gitxsan, Tsilhqot’in, and Kwak’wala.

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Our translation scope covers all British Columbians.

British Columbians are diverse—not only in language but also in the fields they’re active in. But don’t worry. Whether you’re a business leader, academic researcher, prolific author, or anyone else, our translators are here to serve you. Do you live in Vancouver? Victoria? Richmond? Surrey? Kamloops? Kelowna? Nanaimo? Wherever in BC you reside, you’re welcome to take advantage of our translation expertise.

  • British Columbia is home to a number of well-reputed universities, including the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, the University of Victoria, and the University of Northern British Columbia. All the students, professors, researchers, and others at these fine BC institutes rely on skilled academic translators to broaden the reach of their journal articles, theses, research surveys, and more. Meanwhile, since we have translators who understand various fields, you don’t have to worry about technical jargon tripping up our translators.

  • Nearly half of all publicly owned Canadian companies are headquartered in British Columbia, according to 2021 data. If you’re a part of the booming BC economy, you may want translation services to expand your cooperation with international business partners or to cater to new audiences at home and abroad. Our business translation team can help you with that, for internal documents and promotional materials alike.

  • Calling all creatives in British Columbia. Do you want to carve out new audiences for your novel, movie, TV show, online video, poem, video game, or other creative project? Translation is the way to do that, and our literary translators specialize in carefully conveying the message of your literary work while keeping your unique style and tone intact across languages.

  • From internal medicine to pediatrics, the medical field is complex, filled with esoteric terminology that laypeople simply can’t understand. That’s why British Columbia’s medical professionals need specially trained translators when they want to translate their documents. They can find the experts they’re looking for with our partner company, regardless of their medical specialty.

  • British Columbia’s legal professionals face the same conundrum as the province’s doctors: how do you locate reliable legal translation services? You need a translator who’s an expert in your specific area of the law, whether that’s corporate law, immigration law, human rights law, or something else. Fortunately, you can find top-notch legal translation experts at our partner firm, a leader in legal translation services.

  • British Columbia is a prime destination for immigrants to Canada, particularly those from East and Southeast Asia. So, if you need to translate your official paperwork (such as your passport, birth certificate, or marriage certificate) to or from nearly any language, you can rely on our certified translation services.

  • British Columbia is proud to be part of the digital revolution, with many British Columbians producing apps, games, websites, software, and other digital products. Our localization team is here to translate them so you can disseminate them around the world and grow your audience.

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We want you to have access to a translation team you can trust. We carefully scouted out the world’s top translators for just about every language you can think of—faraway tongues like Japanese, Arabic, and Swahili as well as local languages like Cree, Ojibwe, and Dakelh. In order to accommodate the needs of clients in technical fields, we also tracked down translators who understand various industries and can translate technical jargon without issue.

British Columbia is the proud home to more than five million people, including ambitious entrepreneurs, professors, content creators, legal practitioners, medical personnel, and others who use tailored translation services to push ahead with their noble projects. Our translators are proud to help as many British Columbians as possible, no matter the language, dialect, subject matter, or project type.

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