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Vancouver, Canada, Professional Translation Services


We offer top-notch translation to everyone in Vancouver.

We at hereby invite all Vancouverites to trust us with all their translation needs, whether they require translation for their
business documents, academic work, or novel manuscript. As the Internet’s top-rated translation company, we’re confident we can exceed your translation expectations, regardless of the language or topic. We’re here to help Vancouverites from Canada Place to the top of Vancouver Lookout or anywhere else in British Columbia’s biggest city.

Part of our unwavering dedication to quality is our strict reliance on the expertise of our skilled human translators. Translation software is a useful tool—we may even use it in our work to speed up our turnaround (but only with a human translator carefully reviewing the results, of course). But since software just can't translate all the finer details, including subtle nuances and writing style, professional human translators with years of experience are essential if you're seeking precision.


Our professional translators combine their long-term translation experience and impeccable linguistic skills with deep subject-matter expertise to bring you the most accurate, high-quality translations possible, regardless of the topic. We cover more than 100 languages, including Haitian Creole, Pashto, Urdu, and other less commonly spoken languages, so no matter what language you need your document translated into or from, our translators will provide top-notch general translation, academic translation, or any other type of translation while paying close attention to maintaining the tone and style of your original text.

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No matter who you are, we can serve you.

Our flexibility allows us to serve clients all over Vancouver—as well as throughout British Columbia and Canada in general—regardless of the nature of their documents. Scholarly? Professional? Creative? No problem. Our translation professionals can handle that all and more.


  • For academic clients, we offer a dedicated scholarly translation service to help researchers distribute their academic work across borders. Our translators will happily translate research papers, subject interviews, personal statements, and more for scholars from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver Island University, Capilano University, or anywhere else. Since all our academic translators are also experts in their individual fields, whether law, architecture, or something else, we can also guarantee that your translator will understand the inner workings of your field.


  • For business clients, we have specialized business translators on staff to help your company improve the accessibility of its business report, advertisement campaign, or website. We’ve already helped businesses all across Terminal City, from Gastown to Downtown Vancouver. The result? Higher sales and profits, every time.


  • For literary clients, our passionate fiction translators will do everything in their power to ensure your book, screenplay, or poem is conveyed effectively and artistically in the foreign language of your choice. Whether you’ve written a mystery, short story, drama, or something else, we guarantee that we’ll not only tell the story accurately but also retain your unique style and creative flair.


  • For medical clients, we’ve teamed up with a leading medical translation agency to provide Vancouver’s medical professionals with healthcare translation services. Do you work in dermatology, ophthalmology, surgery, or another medical field? Whatever your medical specialty, our partners have expert translators on their team who can craft medical translations to your specifications.


  • For legal clients, we’ve entered into a partnership with a top-ranked legal translation company to make sure legal documents from all across Vancouver are reliably and accurately translated. Their translators can translate legal documents to and from countless languages, including the major immigrant languages in Vancouver, such as Punjabi to English or English to Cantonese. Their translators always maintain strict confidentiality when translating corporate legal documents, immigration files, and much more.

  • For clients immigrating to Vancouver, we have a special certified translation service to ensure your school transcripts, medical records, or other official documents are professionally and accurately translated. Our translation team adheres to a strict quality-control process to make sure absolutely no oversights slip through.


  • We’re also experts in website translation. Our translators would be delighted to translate your corporate or personal website into a variety of languages and help you significantly boost your traffic numbers.

It’s up to you now to take the next step.

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Only the best make it onto our translation team.

We’ve scoured the planet looking for the best translators from around the globe. Our translators hail from all over this vast world, which is how we can offer such a huge range of languages. They’re also experts in a variety of other subjects, meaning we can also translate documents from a nearly unlimited number of fields.

Are you among the 631,000
professionals, professors, writers, and others in Vancouver or elsewhere in British Columbia who can’t settle for anything but the best when it comes to translation? You’re precisely why we formed our elite team of translators. We’re here to help you reach Chinese speakers here in Vancouver, French speakers in Quebec, or even German speakers in Switzerland. Whatever your reason for needing translation, we’re ready to serve you.

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We offer free samples.

You don’t have to just take our word for it—we can show you firsthand just how skilled our translators are. If you’d like to request a free sample, you can do so below. We’ll get it back to you shortly.

Let us show you how good our translators are.

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