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Richmond, Canada, Professional Translation Services

Find out what truly professional translation is.

There’s no better translation company in Richmond than We’re at the front of the translation sphere for employers, academicians, and scribes alike. Our services stretch from Steveston Village to the Gulf of Georgia Cannery: People anywhere in Richmond who require accurate, reliable, and professional translation services can get them through our expert translation team.

We rely on our human translators to deliver the high-quality translations we're known for. We don't have automated translation—in fact, we think it's a useful tool and may even use it in our work to boost the speed. But since this technology is notoriously  inaccurate, we always ensure our human translators carefully edit the resulting translations, so that, in the end, you receive a high-quality translation you can trust.


We serve a wide range of translation needs, from general translation to academic translation and beyond. So, whether you want translation to or from Hungarian, Punjabi, Amharic, or any of 100+ other languages, you can trust our team to deliver a professional and accurate translation that conveys your message without ever sacrificing your original style or tone.

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We want to translate for you, no matter who you are.

If you’re in Richmond, British Columbia, then you don’t have to look any further for a high-quality translation service. In fact, we’re the go-to translation experts for all of Canada. We’re well versed in the art of translation for business, academia, and the creative sphere, so we know we can meet—and will probably exceed—your expectations.


  • Scholars, researchers, professors, and others in academia, do you need a journal article, interview, or dissertation translated to or from English? Our committed academic translators can help scholars affiliated with Trinity Western University–Richmond and Kwantlen Polytechnic University–Richmond with all their academic translation needs. What makes our scholarly translators truly special is their expertise in a wide range of subjects, not just translation. From medicine and chemistry to history and the arts, regardless of your field, our translators can handle your project beautifully.


  • Business owners and other professionals, are you aware of how dramatically your sales and your bottom line can improve with professional translation of important business and marketing documents, such as business proposals, ad copy, and web copy? We certainly are, since this is a pattern our business translators see over and over again at Richmond companies from City Centre to Thompson.


  • Authors, screenwriters, poets, and other literary creators, just think about the reach your art can achieve if you translate it into other languages. From French to Chinese to Punjabi, we offer the literary translation of books, scripts, and other creative texts of all genres, whether they’re sci-fi, biographies, mysteries, or anything else. Our literary translators have the experience and expertise to bring your story to life in another language.


  • Doctors, medical researchers, and other medical providers know how useful multilingual materials are for the non-English speakers of the Richmond community. We can provide medical translations of pre- or post-op surgery instructions or other notifications around your practice. We’ve partnered with a medical translation agency that works with healthcare professionals in internal medicine, radiology, pathology, and more sub-specialties to produce the finest, most accurate medical translations in all of Richmond.


  • Lawyers, executives, and others with legal documents, when you’re looking to translate your documents, it’s necessary to choose someone with specific knowledge in law and the legal vocabulary of Canadian system and that of any other relevant countries. Our top-notch legal translation partner can bring you the best legal translators in the industry who are dedicated to accuracy and strict confidentiality. They can translate from English into Tagalog or Japanese into English, among countless other language pairs. They cover health law, banking law, and more, so they can cover whatever your needs are.


  • For people looking to immigrate to the richly diverse city of Richmond, the Canadian government requires all immigration documents to be in English or French, so certified translation is a must if your marriage certificate, driver’s license, or passport are in, say, Chinese. Let us translate your official documents using our strict certified translation process, which includes a stringent quality-control process to verify the accuracy and quality of the translation.


  • Website owners, marketing professionals, and others who work with web content, you’re dramatically restricting your traffic flow if you only offer your website in English. A high-quality translation of your web content into foreign languages is bound to boost traffic for your business or personal website.

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Our translation team’s skills are unparalleled.

We’re not kidding when we say we have a highly skilled translation team. We hire translators from all around the globe, allowing us to hand-pick the best talent the world has to offer. We choose translators not only for their translation skills and expertise but also for their knowledge in other subjects, which ensures they can easily handle whatever technical material you have.

With a population of 198,309, Richmond isn’t the biggest city in the world, but it does have countless students, entrepreneurs, writers, and others who need accurate translation. Whether you want the best translation agency in British Columbia to help you engage with Richmond’s growing Chinese-speaking population or reach their families back in Asia, we offer top-quality translation in more than 100 languages for anyone, anytime.

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Before you order, why not take a look at our free samples? If you submit a short document, we’ll translate it free so you can see just how talented we are.

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