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The Best Translation Services You Can Find in Belgium


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Belgium has a lot to offer, whether it’s architectural wonders like the Basilica of the Holy Blood or the Gravensteen or the natural beauty of Hoge Kempen National Park or Hallerbos. But perhaps Belgium’s biggest strength is its ambitious and hard-working populace, with Belgians succeeding in different areas of academia, business, the arts, and more. Translation services are often necessary to break language barriers and branch out internationally, and that’s precisely what we at are here for.

If you’re worried about machine translation, don’t be. We offer both a machine–human hybrid option and a 100% human-generated translation option, so you can take your pick. Our 100% human option is best if you’re looking for the utmost quality, but our hybrid option offers a cheaper and faster translation service with minimal loss of quality. That’s because we have our human translators painstakingly check over the output of the translation software, minimizing inaccuracies.

What language are you looking to translate to or from? We cover the major languages of Belgium—Dutch, French, and German, including Belgium-specific variants like Flemish and Walloon—as well as key foreign languages spoken in Belgium, such as Arabic, Riffian, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, and hundreds more.

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A diverse team ready to cater to the diverse translation needs of Belgians

To assist as many Belgians as possible, we’ve built a diverse translation team specialized in various domains of translation. It doesn’t matter whether you’re from Flanders, Wallonia, or Brussels—we serve Belgians of all walks of life from Antwerp, Ghent, Charleroi, Liège, Schaerbeek, Anderlecht, Bruges, and beyond.

  • Belgium may be a relatively small country, but its academic output is impressive, with such highly ranked universities as Ghent University, the University of Liège, the University of Antwerp, and l’Université Libre de Bruxelles. We’ve scoured the world to find the best and brightest academic translators from various fields, and they’re eager to help you translate to and from numerous languages to grow your influence in the academic world—no matter how many technical terms show up in your work.

  • As the capital of the EU, Belgium boasts a strong economy, with significant amounts of wealth flowing in and out of the Western European country. Of course, business beyond borders generally requires tailored translation to knock down the inevitable language barriers, and our specialized business translation team is here to offer their services both to Belgian businesses expanding abroad and foreign companies taking operations to Belgium.

  • Belgium is a creative country, with its inhabitants producing numerous movies, TV shows, novels, poems, video games, and other creative works for the world to enjoy. But, if left exclusively in their native Dutch, French, or German, these masterpieces won’t reach much of the world—and that’s where our literary translators can help. We’re well versed in the literary conventions of various languages and can smoothly translate the subtle nuances and hidden messages of your creative works.

  • It’s hard work to keep Belgians safe and healthy—ask any Belgian radiologist, urologist, dermatologist, or professional in any other medical subfield. One of the challenges is locating high-quality medical translation services—but we’ve made that easy by partnering with a leading provider of medical translation. Our partner’s team works with all sorts of medical niches in various languages.

  • From corporate law and immigration law to family law and human rights law, Belgian legal practitioners have their hands full when it comes to finding suitable legal translation services. Obviously, a good legal translator must be an expert in the legal niche they work in, but these experts are hard to find. That’s why we’ve found them for you, at our legal translation partner company.

  • Approximately 25% of Belgians are estimated to come from foreign backgrounds, and migration to another country entails a good deal of bureaucracy—which may include the need for certified translation. We’d be happy to provide certified translation of your passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, or other official document, whether you’re moving to or out of Belgium.

  • As an influential financial and business hub, Belgium stands at the forefront of the digital revolution—but it’s important that any software, apps, websites, and games coming out of the country are translated into the appropriate languages for their audiences. Our localization team can happily assist with this process, no matter what language you’re looking to translate to or from.

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Bringing the world’s best translators to your doorstep in Belgium

As an international translation company, it’s only natural that our translators come from all over the world. But we’ve taken care to select the world’s top translation talent for hundreds of languages (including endangered languages like Navajo or Basque), allowing you to access the best translators for any given language. We’ve also tested our translators for expertise in additional domains, enabling us to cater to clients with esoteric language in their documents.

Belgium’s population of 11.5 million is in need of reliable translation services, and we’re eager to help as many people across this great Western European nation as possible. We can help you push the boundaries of human knowledge in academia, forge new business opportunities in and outside of Belgium, or tell your creative story to new audiences around the world—whatever your translation project, we want to help.

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