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Brussels, Belgium: High-Quality Translation Services

Brussels, Belgium

Our translation team proudly works for the people of Brussels.

As the capital of the EU, Brussels is a bustling multicultural city with lots to offer—whether that’s in terms of its rich cultural history, its natural beauty, or its bright and ambitious population. Brussels residents, whether they’re striving for success in academia, business, the arts, or another domain, can enjoy the sights of the Grand-Place, the Parc du Cinquantenaire, or the Bois de la Cambre—but where do they find great translation services for their projects? That’s easy—right here at

We’re all about flexibility and giving you options for your translation, which is why we offer both machine–human hybrid translation and 100% human-generated translation. Our hybrid option is cheaper and quicker, and the loss of quality is minimal, since our human translators carefully edit the machine-translated results for quality and accuracy. It’s your choice which option you prefer.

French and Dutch are the primary languages of Brussels, but the multilingual city also houses sizable populations of English, Arabic, Spanish, German, Italian, and Turkish speakers. No matter what language you’re looking to translate to or from, our skilled translation team is here to help.

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What kind of translation services do we provide?

Brussels is a diverse city, with people from all sorts of backgrounds, languages, and disciplines peacefully co-existing in the Western European city. We proudly serve people from all over the City of Brussels, as well as other municipalities in the Brussels-Capital Region, including Schaerbeek, Anderlecht, Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Ixelles, Uccle, and beyond. We also serve clients elsewhere in Belgium.

  • A city as important and influential as Brussels inevitably houses a number of reputable universities, including l’Université Libre de Bruxelles and Saint-Louis University at Brussels. The many students, professors, and researchers in Brussels work tirelessly to advance human knowledge in fields from economics and mathematics to history and philosophy, and our specialized academic translators are here to help them translate their work into other languages to maximize their impact.

  • Brussels is an economic powerhouse, thanks to its position as the capital of the EU. This sees both native Brussels companies moving abroad and international companies settling into the Brussels-Capital Region. Our specialized business translators can help business leaders on either side of the language barrier smoothly communicate with new audiences and advance their business interests in and outside of Brussels.

  • The numerous inhabitants of Brussels have a lot of stories to tell, and they tell them in the form of novels, short stories, poems, TV shows, movies, video games, and more. But to reach as wide an audience as possible, you need a trained literary translator who understands how to translate not just the meaning but also the literary tone and style into another language. That’s what our literary translators can do, no matter what kind of story you’re telling.

  • The medical field isn’t easy—any healthcare professional from Brussels, who’s spent years in university to learn the ins and outs of medical subfields like obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, or internal medicine, can affirm this. If you’re looking for medical translation services, you need a professional who understands the intricacies of your field, and that describes the translators at our medical translation firm, who offer specialized and confidential translation services in various medical niches.

  • Legal practitioners in Brussels need high-quality legal translation services to complete their duties in corporate law, immigration law, banking law, and other subfields of the legal profession, but it’s not easy to find translators with the necessary level of legal expertise. We can help—we’ve partnered with a top provider of legal translation services, and our partner’s translators are specialized in a wide number of legal subfields. For precise and confidential legal translation in hundreds of languages, reach out for an introduction.

  • The wealth and influence of Brussels makes it a prime destination for immigrants, and many native-born Brusselians have a cosmopolitan mindset, looking abroad for interesting new opportunities. Whichever side of the equation you’re on, our team can provide certified translation of your official documents for bureaucracy, business, and more.

  • Whether it’s in the form of websites, mobile apps, video games, software programs, or something else, digital content is overtaking our lives—and our localization team is here to help people in Brussels translate their digital content for a wider audience. Today, an online presence is all but mandatory—internationalize yours with our translation services!

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The finest translation talent in the world, gathered on our team.

Quality really matters to us. That’s why we’ve painstakingly scouted out the best translators we could find for hundreds of languages around the world, carefully testing them to ensure their skills live up to our high standards. From Dutch and French to endangered languages like Welsh or Hawaiian, we translate it all. And we work with clients from all sorts of backgrounds, since our translators are trained in a wide range of domains.

More than 1.2 million people live in the Brussels-Capital Region, which means the city is brimming with translation needs. At, we’re eager to provide the translation services Brusselians need to succeed in their endeavors—whether in business, academia, the arts, medicine, law, or another field. Our services are customizable, and our price model is transparent, making great translation services more accessible to everyone in Brussels.

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