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English to Flemish Translation Services


Translation services are essential in breaking the language barrier. If you’re looking for a translation company with services you can fully rely on, you’ve come to the right place. offers accurate English to Flemish translation and other language translation services in Bruges, Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp, Mechelen, Leuven, and anywhere in the world.


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Some facts about Flemish


  • Many people have the misconception that Flemish is a dialect rather than a language. In fact, Flemish is one of the three national languages of Belgium and its only official language.


  • Flemish, also referred to as Vlaams, Flemish Dutch, or Belgian Dutch, uses the Latin alphabet. About 6 million people in northern Belgium speak Flemish.


Which industries benefit from English to Flemish translation?


Translation is a huge help for individuals and businesses seeking to broaden their horizons globally. Some industries can particularly benefit from translation services:


  • Academia. Professors, graduate students, and researchers need translation for publications, field notes, and articles to spread their research findings to a greater audience and to collaborate with other experts.


  • Business and finance. Companies aiming to obtain new foreign investors need translation for financial documents. Most importantly, they need to work with translators who can guarantee the confidentiality and security of valued information.


  • Information technology. Technology companies need translation for hardware or software applications and user guides.


  • Law. Individuals and businesses need translation for personal identification documents, contracts, agreements, deeds, and certificates.


  • Manufacturing. Manufacturers seeking to introduce their products to foreign markets need translation for product labels, manuals, and promotional materials.


  • Medicine. Pharmaceutical companies looking to expand to the international market need translation for prescription information and instruction labels. Companies that manufacture medical equipment need translation for instruction manuals. offers English to Flemish translation for documents from different industries in all lengths and formats. We can also provide translation of technical terms and jargon, which only native speakers of the target language and with industry-specific knowledge are able to translate accurately. We assign English to Flemish translators with appropriate skills for specific projects.


Are you in need of quick yet reliable English to Flemish translation services at a reasonable price? Get a free quote.

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