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Belgian French to English Translation Services

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French is one of the biggest and most influential languages in Europe, spoken all across France as well as parts of Switzerland and Belgium. Owing to France’s historical global influence, French-speaking regions around the world, from Africa to South America to Oceania, can still be found today. Learners of French are attracted to the language both for practical purposes, given that it’s widely spoken, and because of French’s classy, elegant, romantic reputation. But no matter how many people learn French, English will always have more speakers, making translation a must for French-speaking companies, researchers, authors, and others who want a place on the international stage.

Standard French hails from France, of course, where the language developed over centuries of Vulgar Latin mixing with the indigenous Gallic language. In Wallonia, the southern portion of neighboring Belgium, French is also widely spoken, but it’s Belgian French, a special variant with some notable differences from Standard French. The two French varieties are mutually intelligible, but, if you’re aiming for the utmost quality, making sure your translator understands the subtle nuances of Belgian French is critical.


That’s where we at come in, thanks to our specialized Belgian French to English translation team. No matter what field you work in, whether you’re a top business executive, a researcher at a leading Belgian university, or a best-selling Belgian author, our Belgian French to English translation team is eager to help you translate your content into English.

Belgian French to English translation services can be affordable—just request a free quote to see for yourself.

A diverse Belgian French to English translation team for content from any domain.

Clients requiring Belgian French to English translation services come from a wide array of backgrounds—some academic, others corporate, and others literary. We aim to provide the highest-quality, most reliable translation services from Belgian French to English, regardless of your field or background. For instance, we have a dedicated Belgian French to English academic translation team that can help professors, students, and others from l’Université catholique de Louvain, l’Université libre de Bruxelles, l’Université de Liège, and other great Belgian French institutes, no matter what their discipline is. For dissertations, research surveys, journal articles, and more, our team is at your disposal.

Companies in Wallonia that want to branch out into the global market need English translations of their documents—both internal corporate documents like their business plan or financial reports as well as promotional content like press releases, commercial scripts, and copy for their website. Our Belgian French to English translation team skillfully converts Belgian French business documents into flowing English for companies of all sizes and industries.

Wallonia is full of creatives—including authors, poets, filmmakers, game developers, and more—who would love to spread their work beyond the Francophone market. Our Belgian French to English translators can help with that too—we take special care when working with creative materials to ensure the original style, tone, and flair is preserved as faithfully as possible. Understanding the nuances of Belgian French allows us to deliver the most reliable translations possible.

We’ve put our Belgian French to English translators to the test—and they’ve aced it.

To ensure you get the highest level of quality every time you place a Belgian French to English translation order with us, we carefully vet every translation applicant who comes to us. You can rest assured that all our translators have passed stringent assessments that evaluate their translation work for accuracy, reliability, and natural-sounding language—indeed, our Belgian French to English translators are true experts. They’re experts in other fields too, which is how we’re able to offer our same guarantee of quality even for technical documents filled with esoteric terminology.

Contact our team today to set your Belgian French to English translation project in motion.

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