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Switzerland: Our Best Translation Services


Top-grade translation services fit for the people of Switzerland

It’s hard to compete with Switzerland. This small but powerful European country ranks as having the highest Human Development Index score in the world as of 2021, with one of the highest per-capita GDP rates and unbeatable natural beauty. Indeed, whether it’s the Matterhorn, Lake Silvaplana, or Staubbach Falls, Switzerland is overflowing with natural wonders. Its population also counts as an invaluable asset. Whether it’s academia, business, or literature, Switzerland excels in nearly all domains, and our translators here at are eager to help Swiss people with all their translation projects.

Switzerland speaks many languages, and we cover all of them. That’s right—German, French, Italian, and even Romansch. In fact, we even offer specific translation services for Swiss German, Swiss French, and Swiss Italian. But if you’d rather venture outside the Swiss borders, we also offer languages from all around the world, from Indonesian to Igbo. We also serve endangered languages, like Basque or Wayuu.

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Our flexible translation services are well-suited to Switzerland.

Switzerland is a global leader in academia, business, and literature, but the ambitious Swiss people representing the mountainous European nation in these domains rely on high-quality translation services to ensure their messages are heard around the world. We work with all types of translation, for clients from Bern, Basel, Zürich, Geneva, Lausanne, Winterthur, Lucerne, and elsewhere in Switzerland.

·        Switzerland is a world leader in higher education, and top Swiss universities like the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich, l’École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, the University of Zürich, and the University of Bern highlight the country’s intellectual spirit. We have a team of passionate academic translators ready to help Switzerland’s students and professors translate their academic texts in any field. Because we’re trained in various disciplines, the esoteric vocabulary won’t be a problem.

·        Switzerland is well known as a global financial hub, and the landlocked nation is teeming with homegrown businesses. both long-standing enterprises and blossoming new startups. Whatever your business ventures in Switzerland, our business translators are here to help. We can translate internal documents like financial reports or business proposals to ease your day-to-day operations, or we can translate marketing materials like website copy and white papers to draw new customers to your company.

·        The famously multilingual country of Switzerland has produced its fair share of literature over the centuries, and Swiss authors today still publish novels, short stories, poems, and more that deserve worldwide recognition. Whether you want to translate your work into another language of Switzerland or a language from another country, our literary translators are here to guide you through the tricky task, faithfully preserving the style and tone that you lovingly weaved into the original narrative.

·        Medical translation is one of the trickiest domains of translation. It’s crucial to get right, as medical translation can be a matter of life or death. But if your translator doesn’t specialize in your particular area of healthcare, such as neurology, ophthalmology, or pathology, accurate translation may be nearly impossible. There’s a simple solution for Swiss medical professionals: our medical translation partner company, with expert translators representing various healthcare niches.

·        Law is the other key area that requires the utmost accuracy in translation services. Like translation, legal subfields are filled with incredibly esoteric terminology that most people simply don’t understand—which makes it hard for the legal practitioners in Switzerland to track down legal translation services that fit their needs. Until now, that is. With our legal translation partner company, it’s easy for Swiss lawyers to access reliable translation services precisely in their legal subfield.

·        Want to move to Switzerland? Who wouldn’t? But before you can start your new life nestled among the Swiss Alps, you’ll have to navigate the bureaucracy, which could entail certified translation of important documents like your birth certificate, marriage license, or academic diplomas. But don’t worry—our certified translation team is here to help!

·        Want to take the digital media you developed in Switzerland—websites, programs, apps, games, and more—to the rest of the world? Lots of innovative Swiss people are turning to our localization team for reliable, flexible localization services for their digital content, no matter the language.

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We have the world’s best translators on our team.

At, we’re serious about translation quality. That’s why we work so hard to find the best translators not only across Switzerland but also around the globe, proudly helping people break down language barriers and creating a more interconnected world. Our translators work in all sorts of translation specialties, whether it’s academic, business, literature, or something else, and they’re highly knowledgeable in a lot of subjects, which allows them to provide precise translation for technical content.

With roughly 8.7 million people within its borders, Switzerland is a sizable country, especially when you consider how many of those people are scholars, entrepreneurs, artists, doctors, lawyers, and others looking for top-notch translation services to make their messages heard around the world. We provide translation services that are highly tailored and customizable to your individual needs, at affordable rates. We’re a great option for anyone in Switzerland.

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