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Basel, Switzerland, Professional Translation Services

High-quality translation just for you

The beauty of the Basler Münster takes our breath away every time, and it makes us here at all the more dedicated to providing the people of Basel with the best possible translation services. Whether you’re a
business professional, a professor, or an essayist anywhere in Basel, we endeavor to be your Mittlere Brücke to the rest of the world, no matter which language you desire translation in.

Have you ever used a machine translator? Most likely, the results weren't particularly accurate, even if they covered the bare essentials of the content. If you used automated translation for
business, academic, or literary documents, your readers would gain a pretty negative impression of you. We can protect your reputation while providing high-quality, accurate translations crafted by professional human translators. Even if we use machine translation software to aid in our work, our human translators check over every translation with their eagle eyes to ensure the utmost precision.


No matter your language of choice—Dutch, Kurdish, Tagalog, or over 100 others—we’ll make sure to convey your message exactly as you intended, with the same tone and style in the translated document as in the original. We value flexibility, so we hire professional human translators who can provide academic translation, medical translation, and many other specialties. We’re ready to serve you, regardless of what you need.

We’d be delighted to provide a free quote if you just reach out to us.


We’ll translate whatever you want.

We’re the best translation agency in not only Basel but also the entirety of Switzerland. That’s not an easy title to achieve in the remarkably multilingual Switzerland, and we never could have achieved it if we didn’t boast a diverse, flexible team that can offer specialized services to anyone in Basel, whether they are
corporate professionals, academics, or creative content producers.


  • The University of Basel is a renowned post-secondary education institute with many students, professors, and visiting scholars who need their journal articles and research questionnaires translated into English and other languages. One of our academic translators will be perfect for the job—they’re all experts in different academic fields, such as education and statistics, so they’re well versed in the relevant technical vocabulary in both of their languages.


  • Switzerland is known around the globe for being a successful and prosperous country, and as such, the Basel business sector is booming. But just because you’re already at the top doesn’t mean you can’t still go up. Let our business translators translate your business reports for your partners in francophone Switzerland, ad copy for your Italian-speaking compatriots, or your website into English for an international audience. From St. Alban to Kleinbasel, working with our business translators is a surefire way to enhance your business.


  • Who doesn’t love Switzerland? The wondrous prose and media that come out of the country just give everyone even more reasons to love it. All over Basel, authors produce literary masterpieces that could be circulated around the world if only they were translated. For proper literary translation, however, you need true experts with experience working on biographies, western novels, fantasy movies, and all kinds of other content—and that’s exactly what we offer.


  • The technical terminology in pediatrics, hematology, immunology, and other medical branches is more or less incomprehensible to laypeople, and Basel medical professionals know it. That’s why they know they need to hire specific medical translation experts if they require medical translation. We’d be thrilled to introduce you to our partners, who have already aided healthcare professionals all over Basel.


  • Inhabitants of a country as multilingual as Switzerland often need to translate legal documents, whether in family law, alternative dispute resolution, or another legal sector. The complexity of the legal profession makes this a difficult task for regular translators to tackle, but if you hire the top-notch legal translators who work for our partner firm, you’ll receive accurate, high-quality legal translations with absolute confidentiality every time. Whether you need German to English, English to French, Italian to English, or any other language pair, our partner translators are ready to serve you.


  • People all over the world dream of the chance to immigrate to Basel or other Swiss cities. If you’re establishing your residence in Basel, you may be required to produce a certified translation of your diploma, passport, or other official documents. That’s where we come in: our certified translation service provides you with a translation performed with particular care and rigor, involving numerous error checks to make sure your translation is as accurate as possible.


  • Accessible by people all around the globe, the Internet is an incredible, multilingual tool. So why have a monolingual website? Let our website translators transform your corporate or personal site into a multilingual wonder fit for this globalized world.

Just place your translation order and let us do the work!


Access our worldwide network of translation professionals.

No one makes it onto our translation team if they’re not a world-class translator with extensive experience and additional knowledge in other subjects. That way, we can ensure the ultimate quality and professionalism of your document, even if it’s highly technical.

With 176,000 residents, Basel may not be Switzerland’s biggest city, but it is an important one, filled with countless
entrepreneurs, scholars, authors, and others who need the best in translation services. That’s a service we’re prepared to offer. Let our translation professionals help you engage audiences on the other side of the world or the other side of Switzerland.

Reach out to us now to ask questions or inquire about a quote.


It starts free.

If you want to be sure you’re really getting the highest-quality translation services in Switzerland, we encourage you to ask for a free, no-obligation translation sample. We’ll show you that we truly are the best.

Let us blow you away with our translation skills in a free translation sample.

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