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Witness the Debut of Our Ngambay Translation Services

The north-central African country of Chad uses French and Arabic as its native languages, but its true linguistic roots run much deeper than that. On the world stage, French and Arabic cover up the 120+ indigenous languages that are spoken all across the vast nation, the first languages of Chadians. Many of Chad’s languages are spoken by healthy communities, with none boasting an overly large speaker count—Ngambay is considered the country’s biggest indigenous language, with around 1.3 million native speakers.

Although French and Arabic are the most important languages in Chad on the national level, Ngambay is crucial in the southwestern areas of the country, where it’s used widely as a trade language between speakers of different languages. The language features a number of loanwords from both French and Arabic, and indeed, Chad’s official languages do put pressure even on a language as big and important as Ngambay. That’s why we at believe it’s so important to provide translation services for Ngambay—which is what we’re doing with our new Ngambay translation team.

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Ngambay: Chad’s biggest native language

Ngambay, which also goes by the names Sara, Sara Ngambai, Gamba, Gambaye, Gamblai, and Ngambai, is spoken widely in southwestern Chad, also spilling over the border into Cameroon and Nigeria. It’s one of several languages spoken by the Sara people, although it’s easily the biggest Sara language. It hails from the Nilo–Saharan language family, meaning it’s a distant cousin to Maasai—but, as it’s classified in the Bongo–Bagirmi branch, you’d hardly recognize the similarities.

Ngambay uses a default subject-verb-object word order, like English, but English speakers won’t find much else about the language easy. The language marks nouns for case with suffixes, and there are no tense markers on verbs—in fact, Ngambay makes no distinction between the present and the past, although the future tense can be indicated by adding the particle a before the verb. Ngambay speakers can understand the rough time an action took place through context and the perfective–imperfective distinction made in verbs—in other words, a verb has different forms depending on whether the action has been completed. Of course, it can be hard to translate all of Ngambay’s nuances to or from English, which is why you should work with native-speaking translators like our team members.

Ngambay translation services for anyone in Chad—and the rest of the world

No matter what kind of Ngambay translation services you’re looking for, we’re eager to help you. You can request a translator from a specific locale in Chad, or from Cameroon or Nigeria, depending on the dialect you’re working with. Let us know whether you want to translate an English document into Ngambay or a Ngambay text into English—we provide both services. In all cases, you can expect meticulous quality from our passionate Ngambay translators, who grew up speaking the language.

We’ve hired our Ngambay translators from various domains, disciplines, and industries, which allows us to expertly cater to the needs of a wide array of clients. Work in academia? Let our academic translators help you translate your research questionnaire, interview transcript, lesson materials, or anything else—in the discipline of your choice. Run a business? Our business translators can translate any business document—be it a financial report or a white paper—to or from Ngambay to support your corporate endeavors. Produce creative works? Work with our literary translators to tell your story or spread your message to an entirely new audience around the world or in southwestern Chad. Whatever you reason for seeking Ngambay translation services, we’re determined to serve you as best we can.

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Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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