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We’ve Just Made Tawellemmet Translation Services Available

The Sahara is a vast desert spanning the width of Africa, the largest hot desert in the world. A harsh environment with extreme temperatures and minimal vegetation, the Sahara doesn’t boast a large population—but it’s the homeland of the Tuareg people, an indigenous North African ethnic group. The Tuareg people have a number of closely related languages that they speak throughout the vast region of the Sahara that they inhabit—and one of those languages is Tawellemmet.

With approximately 1.2 million native speakers, Tawellemmet is the largest Tuareg language, spoken widely in its communities in Mali and Niger. It’s a locally important language—in fact, Niger has officially recognized it as one of the 10 “national languages of Niger.” It’s learned as a second language by speakers of the local minority languages Tagdal and Tasawaq, and Tawellemmet is the language of instruction in some Nigerien elementary schools. But however prominent the language may be at the local level, access to Tawellemmet translation services is poor—which is where we at come in with our new Tawellemmet translation team.

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Discover Tawellemmet, the biggest Tuareg language

Western Niger accounts for the majority of Tawellemmet speakers, with approximately 830,000 Tawellemmet speakers in the country, although you’ll also find a large number of speakers in eastern Mali and smaller numbers in northern Nigeria. The language is classed in the Tuareg group of Berber languages within the Afroasiatic macrofamily, so technically, it’s related to Arabic and even Hebrew. However, Tawellemmet’s closest relative is Air Tamajeq, which is similar enough to Tawellemmet that the two are often considered different varieties of a single language called Tamajaq.

Tawellemmet isn’t a simple language for English speakers. For one thing, it’s a verb-initial language, placing the verb before the subject and object in a sentence. It also places nouns before demonstratives, which are words like “this” or “that.” To denote possession of a noun, instead of a separate word for “my,” “your,” or other possessives, Tawellemmet simply adds a suffix to the noun to indicate who owns it. The language can be written in the Latin alphabet or the native Tifinagh script, so for a high-quality translation, you need a well-rounded native Tawellemmet speaker—which is exactly who we have on our team.

Our mission is to provide top-notch Tawellemmet translation services—for everyone

It doesn’t matter who you are, whether you’re in Niger or Mali or Nigeria or somewhere else, or what your reasons are for seeking Tawellemmet translation services—our team is here to help anyone with a Tawellemmet translation project. Our translators speak Tawellemmet as their native language, and they’re eager to help fellow Tawellemmet speakers broadcast their messages to the world or assist people from abroad tailor their content for Tawellemmet speakers. Whatever direction you’re moving in, we’re here to help you break down language barriers.

In our ongoing mission to deliver the best, most flexible Tawellemmet translation services we can, we’ve made sure to hire translators with experience in different areas of the profession. We have some team members who are specialized in academic translation, capable of helping professors, students, and researchers from various fields. Some of our translators specialize in business matters, helping CEOs, entrepreneurs, and other business professionals of myriad industries expand their corporate influence to new areas. We also hire Tawellemmet translators focused on literary translation, helping writers of all kinds translate their creative works in various genres and about various topics to or from Tawellemmet. Many of our translators are skilled in additional domains, so they can also assist if your document contains technical language. So, whatever special requests you may have, just ask!

Our team is waiting to provide first-class Tawellemmet translation services—so why not reach out today and place an order today?


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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