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The world is full of languages—way more than you’re likely aware of. An estimated 7,000 different languages populate our globe today, but history is also full of fascinating tongues that have changed and evolved, shifting with the times. For example, today’s French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese are all direct descendants of Latin, once the most influential language in the world. Another historical language—one that still has a presence today—is Syriac.

Syriac doesn’t have any native speakers today per se, but it’s still an important liturgical language for followers of Syriac Christianity and Eastern Christianity. Historically, Syriac was the primary literary language for Christians in Ancient Syria and nearby territories in the Middle East, in some cases even spreading as far as India and China. By the end of the Middle Ages, Syriac was largely only used for liturgical purposes, with other dialects of Neo-Aramaic taking over as the vernacular languages. Syriac retains its importance today, and efforts to revitalize the language are underway—which is why we here at are thrilled to introduce our new Syriac translation services.

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Syriac: Discovering one of the most important languages of Early Christianity

It’s no secret that Greek and Latin have had enormous influence on languages across Europe, standing as some of the most influential languages to ever exist. While Syriac’s influence is much less pronounced today, it stood alongside Greek and Latin in the days of Early Christianity. Syriac boasts a large, rich body of literature, with 90% of Aramaic literature written in Syriac. Syriac even had a significant impact on the development of Arabic, to which it’s related as a member of the Semitic language family. While much of the Middle East now speaks Arabic, Syriac remains sacred to the Syriac Christian community.

Syriac is written in its own script, the Syriac abjad, which is closely related to the Arabic script—people unfamiliar with Arabic may easily mistake the Syriac abjad for Arabic. In Syriac, nouns have grammatical gender as well as three states—a basic form, a definite form, and a possession form—but the definite form, not the basic form, is usually used as the ordinary form of a noun. Verbs are formed by sets of three consonants, with vowels added in different patterns to create different tenses and moods or to mark person. Syriac is indeed a tricky language, which is why you should rely on an expert—like our Syriac translators—for accurate translation services.

Take advantage of our top-notch Syriac translation services

Though no longer spoken as a native language today, Syriac holds immense importance for the Syriac Christian community, and we’re dedicated to supporting Syriac speakers and learners with meticulous translation services. Our Syriac translators are passionate about the language, well versed in all its intricacies, and are eager to help those looking for Syriac translation services, whether they want to translate texts to or from the sacred liturgical language. We support clients worldwide, whether they’re part of the Syriac Christian community or not—we’re here to help everyone.

The types of translation services we offer for Syriac vary. Of course, we can translate all sorts of religious documents, but that’s not all. If you’re looking to translate educational materials into Syriac to support the language’s revitalization, our academic team can help with that—and if you’re an organization that can benefit from closer ties with the Syriac-speaking community, let our business translators help you. We also work with literary and creative texts, translating stories, poems, and more to or from Syriac, depending on your needs.

No matter what you’re looking for in Syriac translation services, we’d love to help. Contact our team today to get started with Syriac translation!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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