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Everyone knows India is a big country with a massive population, but what people might not know is that that population is phenomenally diverse. Across India, 1.3 billion people speak nearly 450 different languages, including countless endangered and minority languages that most people outside of India don’t know. One of these smaller Indian languages is Kangri, also called Pahari or Himachali, spoken in India’s northern Himachal Pradesh state.

Are you looking for professional translation services for Kangri? Translation companies that offer Kangri translation services are hard to come by because the language is endangered, meaning the potential profits are minimal. However, at, we understand profits aren’t everything. Languages like Kangri hold incalculable cultural value to their speakers, and we aim to dignify Kangri speakers by offering professional Kangri translation services. Our team of passionate Kangri translators are happy to help anyone who needs a Kangri translation.

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Kangri: a northern Indian tonal language

Tonal languages tend to be concentrated in China, Southeast Asia, and Africa—not India. But Kangri and its close relatives are an exception—this Indo–Aryan language is, in fact, tonal. Kangri is related to the much larger Punjabi language, which is also tonal, but the way the languages use tones is different. Kangri is considered an analytic language, like English, which means inflection is minimal, and grammatical relationships are largely determined through helper words and word order. Kangri was traditionally written in the Takri script, which gradually fell out of use in the 1900s. Now, Kangri is usually written in the Devanagari script—the same script that Hindi is written in.

Even though more than 1.7 million people speak Kangri primarily in Himachal Pradesh, especially in the Kangra, Una, and Hamirpur districts, it is classified as “definitely endangered,” meaning that many children are not learning the language. Kangri suffers from poor recognition, sometimes being classified as a dialect of Hindi for political purposes, despite a low level of mutual intelligibility. Some small organizations are pushing for wider recognition and revitalization of Kangri, but progress is slow.

Considering Kangri’s delicate position, it’s important to take care when translating this valuable Indian language. Our Kangri translators are experienced and passionate about Kangri, allowing them to translate seamlessly.

Kangri translation for any occasion

Why are you looking for Kangri translation services? No matter what your reason is, our translation team is on standby to help. Since we translate in both directions—both to and from Kangri—we can easily accommodate the needs of local and international clients alike. If you’re a historian who wants to translate old documents in the traditional Takri script, we can help you! If you’re an academic intending to distribute a questionnaire to Kangri speakers or a content creator looking to make stories or websites available in Kangri in the Devanagari script, we can help you, too. For any subject and any purpose, our Kangri translators are here to help.

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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