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We’re Announcing Our New Translation Services Specifically for Peruvian Spanish

Spanish is an official language in a whopping 20 countries—it’s beaten only by English, French, and Arabic. All but two of these countries—Spain and Equatorial Guinea—are in Latin America, making the Americas the center of the Hispanic world, even though Spanish originated in Spain. Of course, each Spanish-speaking country uses its own dialect of Spanish, resulting in a pluricentric language with countless different standardizations and, sometimes, dramatic differences not only in pronunciation but also in vocabulary and grammar. In some cases, Spanish dialects can differ significantly just within a single country, as is the case with Peru.

Peru, with around 34 million inhabitants, isn’t the biggest Spanish-speaking country in the world, but certainly isn’t the smallest, either. An estimated 94% of the South American nation’s population speaks one of the four main dialects of Peruvian Spanish—the remaining 6% are generally monolingual in one of the country’s various Amerindian languages, particularly Quechua or Aymara. Indeed, all Peruvian Spanish, particularly the more inland varieties, have taken a lot of influence from these indigenous languages, especially Quechua, which still exerts significant influence over the Peruvian Highlands.

It's rare to find dedicated translation services for Peruvian Spanish, but we here at are proud to deliver tailored services to serve anyone looking for Peruvian Spanish translation. Want a quote? Just reach out and ask for one!

A quick overview of Peruvian Spanish

Peruvian Spanish is classified into four dialects: Andean Spanish, Peruvian Coastal Spanish, Andean-Coastal Spanish, and Amazonic Spanish. Peruvian Coastal Spanish is the most common, as it’s spoken in the capital of Lima and along Peru’s heavily populated coast. Unsurprisingly, it’s the country’s standard Spanish dialect, meaning that administration, education, and media in Peru is conducted in Peruvian Coastal Spanish.

Andean Spanish is the dialect used throughout the Andes, which run through the center of Peru and house the majority of the country’s indigenous population. Consequently, Andean Spanish has been heavily influenced by Quechua, Aymara, and other indigenous autochthonous languages of the region.

Next, Andean-Coastal Spanish is a mix of Peruvian Coastal Spanish and Andean Spanish, having developed only in recent decades following mass migration from the Peruvian Highlands to the coastal areas, in particular Lima. It’s spoken in between the coastal and Andean areas as a sort of transitional dialect and retains significant Quechuan influence.

Finally, the smallest dialect of Peruvian Spanish is Amazonic Spanish, spoken in, obviously, Peru’s portion of the Amazon. With colonial immigration to the Amazon significantly lower than to the coastal regions of Peru, Peruvian Spanish’s Amazonic dialect exhibits numerous influences from local indigenous languages, including Asháninka, Bora, and Aguaruna.

We translate all dialects of Peruvian Spanish with seamless accuracy.

No matter what Peruvian Spanish dialect you need translation services for, we’re dedicated to helping you. That’s why we’ve painstakingly scoured the diverse country of Peru, from the cities stretching along the coast, to the tops of the Andean Highlands, to the depths of the Amazon rainforest, to bring you Peru’s best translators in all four Peruvian Spanish variants. Our translators are experienced and passionate, and with expertise in a range of fields, we can translate nearly any content you throw our way.

The well-rounded experience of our Peruvian Spanish translators allows us to seamlessly translate even specialized documents in business, academia, and beyond. If your text contains specialized jargon or other aspects that demand knowledge in a particular field, just let us know—we can match you with the right translator for the job. We also translate tricky documents like historical papers or literature, taking care to preserve all the nuances of the tone and writing style in the original text. With translation services both to and from Peruvian Spanish, your translation needs are covered with us.

We can help you break linguistic barriers with our Peruvian Spanish translation services. Reach out today to tell us what you need!

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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