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We Now Provide Limburgish Translation Services

Limburgish is a Germanic language with more than a million speakers across Germany, Flanders (especially the Belgian province of Limburg), and the Netherlands (especially the Dutch province of Limburg). As with Low-Saxon, the Limburgish language has been referred to as a variety of both Dutch and German throughout history, although it is distinct from both, with its own unique grammar and vocabulary. is now proud to announce that we’re ready to provide and manage whatever Limburgish translation services you might require. If you find yourself needing our services for expertly done Limburgish translations, contact us and get a free quote.

A Language of Regional Importance

Although Limburgish doesn’t have the widespread use of either German or Dutch, it continues to play an important role for the people of Limburg in Northern Belgium and the south of the Netherlands. In these provinces, Limburgish is used by a large portion of the population and can be regularly seen in major cities like Maastricht and Hasselt and everywhere in between like like Diepenbeek.

Unlike some larger languages, Limburgish lacks a unified standard form in both speech and writing. While the Limburgish Language Council adopted a codified spelling system in 2003, it’s still common to find the language being written according to a variety of other orthographic conventions. With so many elements to consider when working with Limburgish, it’s always best to have a translation service that has the right amount of experience and familiarity with the language. For that, you can look to

Expert Limburgish Translations

While many translation agencies offer translations for larger languages such as Flemish, Dutch, and German, they often leave smaller languages such as Low-Saxon and Zeelandic without high-quality translation services. This is where stands out. Our team is ready to ensure the best translation services for less widely spoken languages like Limburgish. Message us today so you can get a quote or ask us any questions you might have about your specific translation.


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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