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Low-Saxon Translation Services Are Now Available! is proud to offer its services in translating the Low-Saxon language. With our expertise and ingenuity in translation, we can assure a smooth exchange with any form of Low-Saxon communication.

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The Importance and History of the Low-Saxon Language

Low-Saxon is a Germanic language closely related to English, Frisian, and Dutch. It goes by several other names, such as Plattdeutsch, Low German, and Low Dutch. The “low” of Low-Saxon refers to the low-lying flat plains and coastal areas where speakers of the language live.

The debate as to whether Low-Saxon is a distinct language or a dialect of German or Dutch has gone on for years. In any case, Low-Saxon has its own distinct history separate from those of standard Dutch and German, going back hundreds of years. Low-Saxon writing is quite difficult to interpret since there has never been a written standard for the language, so various spelling conventions exist and can often be inconsistent.

While Low-Saxon has a long historical past, it remains important and widely used now. Currently, it’s spoken by more than six million people in Northern Germany and the northeastern part of the Netherlands and is recognized in both countries as a regional language. Today about a million and a half people in the Netherlands use it daily, where it’s often called Dutch Low-Saxon. Recently, the language has been going through a sort of revival, with new music and literary works being produced in the language.

Outside of Europe, Low-Saxon is also of particular importance to Mennonite groups in North America. In many Mennonite communities, Low-Saxon remains an important part of their culture and religion, with most community records being written in the language.

Translations of Low-Saxon

With so many complications with the Low-Saxon language, communication can be difficult. However, is ready to assist with the task. Our experienced translators can guarantee smooth and accurate communication with the Low-Saxon language. If you need a Low-Saxon translation, then get a quote from us today.


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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