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Trique: The Newest Language We’re Proud to Add to Our Translation Services

How many languages are spoken in Mexico? Most people might think there’s only one: Spanish. It can certainly feel like that, considering that Mexico is the biggest Hispanic county on the planet and the vast majority of its population are native Spanish speakers. But actually, Mexico is one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world, with more than 350 languages, depending on how they’re counted. The Mexican government groups many of these languages into clusters and officially recognizes 69 languages—but the fact remains that Mexico is remarkably linguistically diverse.

One of Mexico’s many indigenous languages is Trique, which is spoken natively by more than 30,000 people, as of 2020. Though the Mexican government doesn’t make much of a distinction between Trique’s three key varieties, which linguists may categorize as separate languages, it nonetheless supports the language, with Trique-language radio programs broadcasting in two parts of Mexico. However, that alone isn’t enough to keep Trique stable and vigorous, and like other indigenous languages in Mexico, Trique is slowly losing ground to the much more prestigious Spanish. We at want to ensure Trique thrives well into the future, and that’s what drove us to put together our own Trique translation team.

With us, you can see a free quote for Trique translation services—simply contact us and request one!

Let’s take a quick look at the composition of Trique.

Trique, a proud member of Mexico’s indigenous Oto–Manguean language family, is native to the southern state of Oaxaca, with a growing community of speakers also found in Baja California due to migration. More than 5,000 people in the United States also speak Trique, particularly in Albany, New York, and northwestern Washington State. The language comes in three varieties, with Copala Trique accounting for the majority of speakers. Chicahuaxtla Trique and San Martín Itunyoso Trique are spoken only by a few thousand people each.

English speakers tend to have a hard time with Trique because the languages are so different. For example, Trique uses a word order of verb-subject-object, putting the verb at the beginning of the sentence—a trait shared by only 9% of worldwide languages. The language uses a particle to mark the object of a sentence, but it’s only obligatory if the object is an animate pronoun—otherwise, it’s omittable. Aspect, rather than tense, is employed to express the details of verbs, including when they took place, but some aspects are differentiated only through tone and are difficult to distinguish in writing.

Our team is ready to translate all sorts of content to or from Trique.

Don’t worry about the grammatical complications of Trique—while it does pose challenges in the translation process, our Trique translators are native speakers of the Oto–Manguean language and have amassed a good deal of translation experience, which informs their careful translation work on our team. We’ve specifically selected Trique translators from all three varieties of the language (with a focus on Copala Trique, naturally), and our translators come from Oaxaca, Baja California, and the US, giving us a well-rounded and diverse team of translation experts. We translate projects both to and from Trique, with our various translators leaning on their particular strengths.

When it comes to the type of content we translate, we’re extremely flexible. Maybe you have some promotional materials for your organization you need translated into Trique to better engage locals in your area. Maybe you’re interested in translating educational texts into Trique because you want to help Trique-speaking kids gain an education in their native language. Perhaps you’re looking to translate traditional Trique tales into English so the rest of the world can appreciate the beauty of the oft-overlooked Trique culture. Or maybe you want to ease the Trique language into the 21st century with tailored translations of digital media, such as apps, websites, or games. Whatever your translation project is, our Trique translation team is here for you.

Don’t wait to start working with our Trique translation team! Getting started is as simple as reaching out with a message.


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