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Today, We’re Introducing Our New Botolan Translation Services

It’s hard to paint a clear picture of the linguistic landscape of the Philippines. You may be aware that Tagalog and English are the Southeast Asian nation’s official languages, and while a large portion of the Filipino population does speak at least one of the two lingua francas, Tagalog is only the native language of around 24% of Filipinos. So, what does the rest of the population speak? One of the 175+ indigenous languages of the impressively diverse archipelago, such as Botolan.

Botolan is spoken by between 33,000 and 72,000 native speakers in the northern Philippines, specifically the province of Zambales in Luzon. It comes from the Sambalic language family and is therefore sometimes classified as a dialect of Sambal, even though it sometimes differs significantly from Bolinao and Sambal, the other Sambalic languages. While Botolan is a major language in Zambales, it remains the smallest Sambalic language, and it’s threatened by the significantly larger Tagalog and Ilocano, making resources for Botolan scarce. The solution:’s brand-new translation team focusing specifically on Botolan, bringing you high-quality translation services to and from this important Philippine language.

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A deep dive into the details of Botolan

Botolan may be native to the Filipino province of Botolan, but Botolan speakers aren’t confined to the area. You’ll also find native speakers of this vibrant language in other parts of the Philippines, including Panitian, Quezon, Palawan, and Puerto Princesa City, as well as in the US and Canada (specifically in California, Hawaii, and Nova Scotia). Botolan comprises a few different dialects, as well, with Sambali Botolan and Ayta Hambali (or Hambali Botolan) standing as the largest. A few smaller Botolan dialects spoken by Ayta peoples may differ considerably in their vocabulary.

Let’s look at Botolan grammar. Botolan and the rest of the Sambalic languages find a close cousin in Kapampangan, a major language in the country, as well as an archaic form of Tagalog spoken in the province of Rizal. In Botolan, the verb comes before the subject, unlike in English but in line with many other Philippine languages. The language comprises several “voices” that draw emphasis to different elements in a sentence, and the many different pronouns found in Botolan correspond to these different voices. Those aren’t the only peculiarities of Botolan pronouns, either, as the first-person plural (“we”) comes in multiple forms to include or exclude the addressee.

We’d like to invite you along on a Botolan translation journey.

Botolan may not be the biggest language in the world, but here at, we believe all languages are deserving of high-quality translation services, including minority languages. To that end, we’ve scouted out Botolan translators from all over Zambales and Botolan-speaking communities elsewhere to bring you a team of enthusiastic and passionate Botolan translators. Our Botolan translation experts are native speakers of the unique Philippine language, and they’re skilled at translating both into Botolan and from Botolan, allowing you to access the tailored Botolan translation services you need.

Our team is eager to help you translate to or from Botolan, regardless of your specific project or the reason you need Botolan translation services. Perhaps you come from the business world and are looking for Botolan translation services of your marketing materials to better cater to your target audience. Maybe you’re a researcher interested in conducting studies in Zambales, but you need a way to communicate reliably with the Botolan-speaking locals. Or maybe you hail from the literary scene—either you’re looking to share Botolan stories with other countries, or you wish to translate your English-language literary content into Botolan as a way to both cultivate a new audience and support the continued development of Botolan. No matter your goals, our Botolan translators can’t wait to help.

We can support you throughout your Botolan translation journey. It starts with a simple message to our team.

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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