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Say Hello to Our New Team Providing Tenetehara Translation Services

With more than 7,000 languages representing the entirety of the world’s linguistic stock, our planet is filled with languages hidden in plain sight that people generally aren’t aware of. We may, for example, think of Brazil as a solely Portuguese-speaking country, since Portuguese is the native language of the vast majority of Brazilians and is used as the country’s administrative, education, and media language. But in fact, Brazil is teeming with indigenous languages that are still spoken vibrantly by communities today, beneath the surface of the Portuguese hegemony. Today, we’re concentrating on Tenetehara.

Roughly 13,000 Brazilians speak Tenetehara, which accounts for more than half of the ethnic population. The language is divided into two key dialects, Guajajara and Tembé, spoken by separate ethnic groups of the same names, but the vast majority of Tenetehara speakers are Guajajara. With more than two-thirds of all Guajajara people speaking Tenetehara, the language is relatively stable, but of course, it still faces challenges from Portuguese while the Guajajara people face conflicts with illegal loggers on their lands. One way to support the Tenetehara language is by providing translation services, which we at are thrilled to do.

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Diving deeper into the Brazilian indigenous language of Tenetehara

To find the speakers of Tenetehara, you’ll have to venture to the northeastern Brazilian state of Maranhão. Here you’ll find the Guajajara and the Tembé, the collective speakers of the two mutually intelligible dialects of Tenetehara. Both ethnic groups work to upload their language, culture, and traditional lands, establishing a “Guardians of the Forest” group that aims to protect Guajajara, Tembé, and uncontacted Awá from the illegal loggers and miners who encroach on their lands.

Regarding Tenetehara’s grammar, the language is part of the Tupi–Guaraní family, making it related to other major Amerindian languages like Guaraní and Nheengatu. The language is one of only 3% of the world’s languages to use a default verb-subject-object word order, although certain adverbial words, such as “maybe,” can appear before the verb. Nouns are not marked for case, but the subject is marked on the verb with a prefix, with different prefixes depending on whether the verb is transitive, intransitive, or stative. Tenetehara isn’t easy to translate, but that’s what our translation team is here for, with native-speaking Tenetehara speakers ready to help.

How would you like your Tenetehara translation?

Are you looking for translation from English to Tenetehara or from Tenetehara to English? Are you interested in the Guajajara dialect or the Tembé variety? Our translators come from all over Maranhão, representing both the Guajajara and Tembé dialect, so all you have to do is let us know the specifics of your project. Our translators are passionate about their native language and boast the skills to translate both to and from Tenetehara, so they’re equipped to help you no matter what you need.

Diversity matters to us within our Tenetehara translation team, which is why we’ve endeavored to put together a team that can handle a wide variety of translation needs. Our Tenetehara translators can cater to clients from the academic world, the business sphere, the creative industry, and beyond, helping people from all over South America and the world access Tenetehara translation services they can trust. Whether it’s helping researchers connect with local Guajajara and Tembé people, helping business leaders establish a strong connection with the local community, helping Tenetehara speakers spread their messages far and wide, or helping enrich the body of literature available in Tenetehara by translating stories into the language, our team is excited to help you with your translation project.

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Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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