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Proud to Announce that We Offer Campidanese Translation Services

Campidanese (alongside Logudorese) is one of the two major dialects and writing standards of Sardinia. The Campidanese dialect remains widely used across Sardinia and can be heard across the island today.

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One of the Major Languages of Sardinia

On the Italian island of Sardinia, the local language of Sardinian is usually spoken in one of two dialects—Logudorese and Campidanese. Both dialects have various elements borrowed from Spanish, Catalan, and Aragonese. Likewise, standard Italian has had an increasing influence on the people of Sardinia as a whole. Sardinian and the Campidanese dialect in particular have an extensive history of use and writing. Documents can be found written in Campidanese dating back to the 1200s. Although the use of Sardinian is in decline, there is still a movement to maintain the regional language with new works being made in the language to this day.

Accurate Communication in Campidanese

With two major dialects and orthographies, it can be hard to find accurate and able Sardinian translators, let alone those who can specifically provide Campidanese translation services. However, for any communication needs in Campidanese, you can rely on both the experience and the expertise of

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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