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Our Newest Translation Services Team Represents the Tedim Language

We live in a highly multilingual world. Sometimes, it may not feel like it, as English becomes increasingly more prominent around the globe, particularly in international communications. But in fact, the majority of the world population doesn’t speak English. Instead, the global populace is divided among some 7,000 languages, most of which are small and underrepresented. But we at are here to serve these underserved languages—languages like Tedim.

Tedim—also called Teddim Chin, Zo, or Zomi—had an estimated 340,000 native speakers as of 1990, but that number has likely risen over the decades. Like many other languages in South and Southeast Asia, it’s poorly studied, leaving the international academic community relatively clueless on the language, despite its relatively high number of speakers. But just because it’s poorly studied doesn’t mean it’s not an important language in the region. We at are passionate about supporting languages like Tedim, which is why we’ve launched our own Tedim translation services.

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Uncovering the identity of the Tedim language

Tedim derives its name from the Tedim township in Chin State, northwestern Myanmar, where many Tedim speakers live. Nearby Tonzang Township is another hotspot for Tedim speakers. Smaller numbers of Tedim speakers live in the Kalay and Mawlaik townships in neighboring Sagaing Region, with yet more found a bit further north in India. The language is divided into several dialects, the most prominent of which are Sokte and Kamhau (alternatively spelled Kamhao or Kamhow)—but linguists have also recorded Losau, Sihzang, Teizang, Saizang, Dim, Khuano, Hualngo, Zou, Thado, Paite, and Vangteh as varieties of Tedim.

Tedim belongs to the Sino–Tibetan language family, as does Burmese, the official language of Myanmar. However, that doesn’t mean Tedim bears many recognizable similarities to Burmese. The language is a member of the Kuki-Chin group of languages within the family, a cluster of about 50 languages spoken primarily in northwestern Myanmar and northeastern India. Tedim is often written in the Latin alphabet, but it’s unique in that it also has its own, native script, called the Pau Cin Hau script, which has been modified to transcribe some other Chin languages as well. The language differs significantly from English in its grammar, not least due to its subject-object-verb word order, lack of plural forms, and use of postpositions rather than prepositions—but if you work with native-speaking Tedim translators, you don’t have to worry about the grammatical challenges.

For any client and any project: high-quality Tedim translation services

It’s hard to find reliable Tedim translation services, but we at are proud to broaden access to Tedim translation for clients all across Myanmar, India, and the rest of the world. We’ve hired translators from Tedim, Tonzang, Kalay, Mawlaik, and elsewhere in Myanmar as well as parts of India, which ensures that our team offers a broad coverage of the different dialects of Tedim. Since we offer translation services both to and from Tedim, we’re confident that you can find what you need for your project with us.

For those who need more specific translation services, such as academic translation, business translation, or literary translation, our versatile team is eager to assist you. Some of our translators specialize in academic translation—in various disciplines—while other translators on our team are skilled in business translation, for both corporate documents and marketing materials, for any number of industries. We also have experts in literary translation, who have experience working with stories and poems of various genres. So, if you have any special requests, all you have to do is ask.

Let our Tedim translators help you transform your project, whether to or from Tedim. Contact us now to place your first order!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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