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Our New Translation Services for Albay Bikol

Think they only speak Tagalog in the Philippines? Think again! This vibrant Southeast Asian archipelagic nation is home to more than 180 indigenous tongues, so although Tagalog is an important lingua franca at the national level, many Filipinos speak a different language at home. One such example is Albay Bikol, a prominent variant of the numerous Bicol languages spoken in the central Philippines. Unfortunately, the ubiquity of other, bigger languages threatens the continued vitality of Albay Bikol, but here at, we believe in the value of all languages. That’s why we’re proud to offer Albay Bikol translation services.

Spoken by around 700,000 native speakers, Albay Bikol is an important member of the Bicol language family, which itself is a branch of the larger Philippine language subfamily, which ultimately belongs to the Austronesian macrofamily. Albay Bikol is comprised of multiple dialects—namely Buhinon, Libon, West Miraya, and East Miraya—that demonstrate a high level of mutual intelligibility, similar to the differences between US English, UK English, and Australian English. That means it’s easy for our Albay Bikol translators to tailor their services to fit your particular needs, no matter what kind of Albay Bikol you’re working with.

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What makes Albay Bikol distinct?

The Bicol languages are native to the central Philippines, specifically the Bicol Peninsula at the southern tip of the island of Luzon, as well as the neighboring islands of Catanduanes and Burias. The subfamily is broken up into several groups, including Coastal Bikol, Inland Bicol, and Northern Catanduanes Bikol, and it’s within the Inland Bikol subfamily that we find the Albay Bikol language. Albay Bikol is spoken primarily in the southwestern coast of the province of Albay (specifically Pio Duran and Jovellar) and northwestern Sorsogon, specifically Buhi, Libon, Ligao, and Daraga.

An interesting feature of Albay Bikol is its “angry speech register,” where speakers can use specific “angry” words for a given concept. In some cases, the “angry” words can differ substantially from the normal word for the concept. This feature is unique to Inland Bicol languages. Something that sets Albay Bikol apart from other Inland Bicol languages is its lack of stressed syllables, a feature that bears a resemblance to languages like French or Portuguese. All in all, Albay Bikol is unique, and our native-speaking Albay Bikol translators are eager help you translate to and from this incredible tongue.

A passionate Albay Bikol team for all your translation needs

Not many translation agencies are willing to work with smaller languages like Albay Bikol, especially when they’re threatened by larger languages in the region. But we at are different. We proudly provide translation services for Albay Bikol, working with native speakers from all across Albay, Sorgoson, and the broader Philippines to bring you a well-rounded and diverse roster of Albay Bikol translators. Our translators come from various backgrounds and have translated a wide array of projects, so they’re eager to help clients with whatever needs they may have for Albay Bikol translation.

Our clients come from various backgrounds, too. While some are local to the central Philippines, others come from countries around the world, looking for Albay Bikol translation services to support their endeavors in academia, business, literature, or other domains. We hire specialists in various areas, and we even have a myriad of subject-matter experts representing numerous fields, so we’re confident that whatever you need translated to or from Albay Bikol, our well-rounded and passionate team can help. Wherever you are in the world—Albay, Sorsogon, Catanduanes, Masbate, or somewhere outside of the Philippines—trust us for the best Albay Bikol translation services.

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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