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Italy is hardly a monolingual country, but one could be forgiven for thinking so. After all, the only official language in the country is Italian. But in fact, minority Romance languages that developed from Vulgar Latin alongside Italian are spoken all across Italy. Italian is simply the one that was chosen as the country’s standard language—the rest are not daughter languages but sister languages of Italian. This means some of them—such as Friulian—are rather divergent from Standard Italian and may be closer to other Romance languages, such as French.

Friulian is one of Italy’s many minority languages, and unfortunately, its continued vitality is threatened by the ubiquity of Standard Italian and the sense of invisibility that it casts over Italy’s minority languages. Since Friulian and other Italian languages are often considered dialects, translation companies seldom offer translation services for them. is different, of course—we’re proud to provide top-quality Friulian translation services. That’s because we see Friulian as a proud and important cultural asset.

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How is Friulian different from Standard Italian?

Friulian is spoken by around 600,000 people in the historical region of Friuli, now the provinces of Udine and Pordenone and parts of Gorizia and Venice, located in northeastern Italy. There are also small communities of Friulian speakers in countries around the world due to a mass exodus of Friulian speakers in the mid-1900s. The language boasts a rich literary past, with various poets publishing prolifically in the language.

The majority of Friulian’s vocabulary is Latinate, but it’s also borrowed a number of words from Slavic languages, most notably Slovene. Around 10% of the vocabulary comes from Modern German, while around 9% can be traced back to the Celtic language spoken in the region before the Romans took over. Besides vocabulary and the morphology, which resembles French more than Standard Italian, a notable feature of Friulian is its clitic subject pronouns, which come before the verb as a standalone particle in declarative sentences and are attached to the verb as a suffix in interrogative and optative sentences.

It’s clear that Friulian isn’t just a dialect of Italian. Our Friulian translators are proud of their unique language and are passionate about translating it for just about any type of content.

Why might you need a Friulian translation?

As proud Friulian translators, we’d like to remind you that there are tons of reasons to purchase Friulian translations. We provide translations both to and from the language, so we’re confident we can accommodate your needs. In terms of translating from Friulian to English, our team is happy to translate historical documents, literature, academic notes, or anything else you’d like to share with the rest of the world. In terms of translating English to Friulian, our translators can help you translate business content, academic papers or surveys, and entertainment content like books, apps, websites, games, and more. Translating content like this enhances Friulian’s prestige and allows speakers to use it in more areas, thus fostering its continued vitality into the future.

So, would you like a Friulian translation? Just contact us with the details whenever you’re ready.


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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