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Need Cuzco Quechua Translation? Presenting Our Cuzco Quechua Translation Services

For most of Peru’s history, it was inhabited by indigenous populations that spoke a wide variety of languages. Notably, most of modern-day Peru was part of the Inca Empire that ruled during the pre-Columbian era. Though the Inca Empire was extremely linguistically diverse, Quechua was the official language and lingua franca, promoted by the Inca lords. The capital of this great empire was Cusco, nowadays often spelled Cuzco, and its variant of the Quechua language lives on to this day.

Needless to say, with the widespread usage and prestige of Spanish in modern-day Peru, Cuzco Quechua and other Quechuan languages spoken in the country are endangered, with the UNESCO classification of “vulnerable.” It’s difficult to find translation services for any endangered language, and Cuzco Quechua is no exception. However, we at are different from most translation companies. Language diversity and vitality is important to us, and that’s why we proudly offer Cuzco Quechua translation services.

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Diving into the language of the Inca Empire

Endangered as Cuzco Quechua may be, the language still boasts more than a million speakers in the modern age, concentrated in the city of Cuzco and the wider Department of Cuzco in Peru. It’s considered a dialect of Southern Quechua, the most widely spoken indigenous language in the Americas—in fact, more than half of the Department of Cuzco’s population speaks Quechua as a native language.

Cuzco Quechua is an agglutinative language with a dizzying amount of inflection and complexity. With as many as 19 cases, Cuzco Quechua can express a wealth of information through a single word, especially since nouns also take possessive suffixes indicating ownership by different grammatical persons. In Cuzco Quechua’s pronoun system, there are two separate words for “we”—one that includes the listener and one that doesn’t—allowing for even more complex nuance. Quechuan languages are also famous for their heavy use of evidentiality, through which speakers express whether they know a given fact firsthand, through inference, or through hearsay.

Cuzco Quechua isn’t easy to translate, for these and many other reasons. But our Cuzco Quechua translators are happy to accept the challenge for you.

Breaking down language barriers in Peru’s Department of Cuzco

Providing high-quality Cuzco Quechua translation services is what our specially selected Cuzco Quechua translation team does best. Whether you’re looking for translation to or from Cuzco Quechua, our team is ready to assist you. We’ve already helped clients wishing to translate historical documents, literature, and academic insights in Cuzco Quechua, allowing them to spread these ideas beyond Peru’s borders. At the same time, we’ve aided clients in translating promotional business materials, academic content, books, websites, games, and more into Cuzco Quechua, expertly engaging a Cuzco Quechua-speaking audience and increasing the domains of use of the language. Our Cuzco Quechua translators are passionate about preserving their culturally significant language, so they’re happy to help with whatever your translation project is.

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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