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Limousin Translation Services Available

Limousin is an Occitan dialect that has stood the test of time.

After being around for thousands of years, the historic Limousin dialect has started to see a decline in usage. However, this doesn’t mean that effective communication with Limousin people isn’t just as important as ever.

That’s where comes in.

Our professional translation services can provide assistance to accurately and successfully communicate with all Limousin speakers.

A Language with History

Historical documents suggest that Limousin has been around since the year 1000.

Limousin, also identified by its native name of Lemosin, is spoken in southwestern areas of France such as Charente, Limousin, and the Dordogne.

This Romance language, often used in poetic literature in the Middle Ages, was declining in use as the residents of Limousin aged. Then, in 1999, the population began to see a slight increase for the first time in decades. However, with a current population of around 750,000, Limousin is still one of the least populated regions of metropolitan France.

As an indigenous language of France that was once popularly used, Limousin is now primarily used by citizens over the age of 50 living in rural communities. The population that still speaks and/or understands Limousin numbers around 400,000.

Unfortunately, due to the single language policy implemented by the French government, Limousin is not recognized as an official language. More and more residents now speak French as a primary or secondary language.

Lasting Languages

It’s important to keep historic languages like Limousin relevant in today’s society.

Professional and precise translation services provided by will assist Limousin communication for many more years to come.


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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