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Learn About Our Torlak Translation Services

Many people think that languages fit cleanly into national borders, which indeed appears to be the case when one takes a very broad overview of Europe. However, the reality is much more complicated, and many minority languages stretch across borders. That’s certainly the case with Torlak, an endangered language spoken in the Balkans. Torlak, or Torlakian, as it’s sometimes called, has no standardized form and is classified in different ways by different linguists, including as a dialect of Serbian or Bulgarian.

Languages like Torlak have scant professional translation services available. Without a standardized form, translation can be difficult and requires language experts from across the dialectical continuum, and as an endangered language, Torlak is unlikely to rake in a lot of profits for translation agencies. But at, we know profits aren’t everything. We offer professional translation services for underrepresented languages like Torlak because we understand their value and want to help them thrive. So, that’s why we proudly offer professional Torlak translation services.

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What exactly is Torlak, anyway?

Torlak’s identity is a difficult one to pin down. It’s a South Slavic language spoken southeastern Serbia; Kosovo’s Prizren district; the northeastern North Macedonian towns of Kumanovo, Kratovo, and Kriva Palanka; and the northwestern Bulgarian towns of Belogradchik, Godech, Tran, and Breznik. The language is also spoken by the Krashovani in Romania and the Gorani in southern Kosovo. UNESCO classifies the language as “vulnerable,” which is certainly not aided by the fact that speakers of different Torlakian dialects may not understand each other.

As a South Slavic language, Torlak’s basic structure, grammar, and vocabulary is similar to other Slavic languages, but it exhibits a number of differences even from most South Slavic languages. Notably, while Slavic languages are notorious for their numerous cases and dizzying inflection charts, in northwestern Torlak dialects, certain cases have merged together, reducing the overall number of cases. In southern dialects, case inflections have disappeared entirely, like in Bulgarian or Macedonian. Another notable distinction is the use of a definite article, which is also present in Bulgarian and Macedonian but absent in nearly all other Slavic languages.

Translating Torlak is a challenge due to its various dialects, lack of standardization, and endangered status. However, we didn’t let that stop us—our Torlak translators are proud to translate this language.

Our diverse Torlak translation team can handle all kinds of content.

Do you need translation services to Torlak or from Torlak? No matter what your needs are, our Torlak translation team is ready to help. We have translators who have assisted Torlak native speakers in disseminating messages to the wider world, including Torlak literature with cultural significance. Other translators have helped translate English-language material into Torlak, such as books, websites, apps, and other content for Torlak speakers to enjoy in their own language. So, regardless of your reasons for Torlak translation, you can rest assured our professionals will help.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us more about what you’re looking for in Torlak translation services.


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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