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Serbian to English Translation Services


Serbian is one of the most widely used languages in the Balkan region, with more than eight million speakers. As the economies of Serbia, Kosovo, and Montenegro grow, Serbian speakers who want to open themselves to an international audience will need top-quality Serbian to English translation services.


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Serbian is a South Slavic language that’s closely related to Croatian and Bosnian, and it’s in the same linguistic branch as Ukrainian, Czech, and Polish. At, our team of translators is familiar with the nuances of the Serbian language and the difficulty of rendering it accurately in English. We offer reliable and competitively priced translation services to businesses, academics, and authors who need their documents professionally translated into English.


Materials we translate from Serbian to English


  • Business documents. For enterprises that want to open themselves to a more international market, we offer the translation of business plans, partnership agreements, and a host of other business documents.

  • Academic work. Our team of translators has the necessary expertise to translate academic texts into English using the appropriate terminology. These include journal articles, research papers, and dissertations. Previously, we’ve worked with academics from the University of Novi Sad to make their work available to international audiences.

  • Websites. Let us help you reach a global audience by expanding your online presence in English. We are ready to translate your company website, e-commerce site, or any other web content.


The team of qualified translators at can help you with your documents, whether you’re located in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš, Sarajevo, or elsewhere. No matter what you need, our high-quality services and competitive prices can help you achieve your communication goals.


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