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Macedonian to English Translation Services


Macedonian is a Slavic language that is closely related to Bulgarian. As part of the Balkan language group, which includes languages such as Serbian and Romanian, Macedonian has a set of distinct grammatical features. The vocabulary of Macedonian has also absorbed words from German, Russian, Turkish, and, in recent years, English. Macedonian is also unique in that it uses its own specialized version of the written Cyrillic alphabet.


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Today, the language has about two and a half million speakers throughout Macedonia, the Balkan region, and around the world. Despite this, Macedonian is one of the least studied Slavic languages, meaning that high-quality Macedonian translation services are difficult to come by. At, however, we have the proper understanding and experience to faithfully render a wide variety of Macedonian-language texts into English.


Materials we translate from Macedonian to English


  • Business documents. We make sure to use the most appropriate terminology and phrasing when translating a wide range of business documents. These include business outlines, internal documents, investment plans, and more.

  • Websites. Our team has years of experience translating retail websites, articles, and other online content for a global English-speaking audience.

  • Tourism materials. As Macedonia continues to gain prestige as a tourist destination, we’ve worked to help travel agencies, hotels, resorts, and other tourist attractions with a variety of documents. These include advertisements, guides, tour package materials, and more.


At, we have years of experience helping customers based in Skopje, Bitola, Kumanovo, Melbourne, and worldwide. No matter where you are, our team of translators is ready to provide you with expert Macedonian to English translation services while meeting the specific requirements of your project.


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