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Introducing Our New Translation Services for Gamogna

Did you know that there are more than 90 distinct languages spoken in Ethiopia? This bustling nation nestled in the Horn of Africa is composed of dozens of different ethnic groups, with no one single ethnicity dominating the country—the biggest ethnic group in Ethiopia is the Oromo people, accounting for 25% of the population. This also makes Oromo the most widely spoken native language in the country, with Amharic, which serves as a lingua franca in many regions, coming in at a close second. As we wade through the maze of Ethiopian languages, we come to Gamogna—the 10th-most spoken native language in the country.

Gamogna is the variety of the Goma–Gofa–Dawro language spoken by the Gamo ethnic group. With more than one million native speakers, it’s one of the biggest languages in the diverse country and constitutes the majority language in the Gamo Zone of Ethiopia’s Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ Region. As can be surmised from the name, this southern region of Ethiopia is home to a number of distinct peoples, but Gamogna is still one of the more important languages in the area. However, that doesn’t mean that translation agencies have picked up the language—most haven’t. Except, of course, for

We have our very own Gamogna translation team, and we’re proud of it. Need a quote for our Gamogna translation services? Send us a message and request a free one today!

Diving into the identity of the Gamogna language

Gamogna’s classification is tricky—while some consider it a distinct language that’s closely related to others in the area, such as Wolaytta, Gofa, and Dorze, others categorize it as a dialect of a larger Goma–Gofa–Dawro language, which stretches across a dialect continuum in southwestern Ethiopia. With Gamogna, or rather, the broader Goma–Gofa–Dawro language, spoken by three different ethnic groups, it commands more influence than some other languages in the area.

Gamogna is part of the Afroasiatic language family, which comprises most of the languages spoken in Ethiopia, but it specifically occupies the Omotic branch, a small collection of languages found near Ethiopia’s Omo River. To be more precise, Gamogna is classified as an Ometo language, along with the other languages to which it’s closely related, including Wolaytta, the most widely spoken Omotic language. On a broader level, Gamogna is related to Arabic and Hebrew, which also belong to the Afroasiatic language family—but as Semitic languages, they’re only distantly related.

Proud to offer dedicated Gamogna translation services

Gamogna is a little-known language outside of Ethiopia, but in Ethiopia, it’s relatively important and influential, with more native speakers than most languages in the vibrant African country. We believe Gamogna deserves high-quality translation services just like the bigger languages in Ethiopia, such as Oromo, Amharic, and Somali—so we’ve hired the best Gamogna translators from all over Ethiopia. We’ve specifically selected translators with experience who are passionate about their language and eager to help clients from around the world better communicate with their people.

Our Gamogna translation offering includes both translation from English to Gamogna and translation from Gamogna, so no matter what kind of Gamogna translation project you have, we’re ready to help. Since our translators have experience in different types of translation, they can easily navigate a plethora of translation types—business translation, academic translation, literary translation, localization, and more! That’s right—we can help local businesses branch out to the rest of the world as well as international organizations looking to make a difference in southern Ethiopia. We’re here to help researchers from around the world collect meaningful data from Gamogna-speaking locals in the Goma Zone and Gamogna-speaking writers translate their works into English for wider exposure. We can even help you translate apps and other digital media into Gamogna to help modernize this important Ethiopian language.

We can’t wait to help you with your Gamogna translation project. Let us know what you need in a message!


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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