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Hiring Bengali Translation Services: The Top 4 Risks

Many businesses think any native Bengali speaker or translation software can handle translation as well as a professional Bengali translator. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Using native speakers who don’t have professional experience may result in disaster.

1. Machine translation.

With the convenience of Google Translate and other readily available machine translation systems, many businesses are tempted to take the cheap and easy route instead of seeking professional Bengali translation services.

Perhaps the greatest danger of machine translation is the high percentage of errors, especially when it comes to idiomatic expressions or somewhat complex sentences. For example, Google Translate renders the English phrase “tit for tat” as ট্যাট জন্য টাইট, which doesn’t make sense in Bengali. Since machine translation software lacks cultural knowledge, background technical knowledge and contextual understanding, it’s more prone to errors than professional translators are. The famous machine translation tool breaks sentences up into clusters that it translates separately with no regard for context.

2. Lack of consistency.

Professional Bengali translation service providers are equipped with computer-assisted translation tools that help them achieve consistency by making sure that certain keywords are included and translated the same way every time. On the other hand, if you don’t hire a professional, your translation may suffer from inconsistency.

3. Assurance of quality.

Many businesses think assistance from any native speaker will be as good as a professional Bengali translation service provider. But the reality is different. The end quality sets a professional Bengali translation service apart from an average one. As English and Bengali have different sentence structure, syntax, morphology and semantics, the job is more difficult for an average native speaker. Besides, if you look for a native speaker who’s good at writing and grammatically sound, you can rest assured that you won’t find many.

4. Lack of knowledge about Bengali culture.

Translation and culture are closely related. Translation without cultural context can be dangerous, especially when meanings are critical. For example, the presence of honorific relative pronouns is an important syntactico-semantic feature in Bengali. If you address someone respectable, or any stranger, as tui instead of apni, which both mean “you” in English, it’s considered disrespectful to that person. So, deeply held restrictions in one culture can be completely neutral in another culture. Translation must be sensitive to the cultural values associated with the words and symbols in the language to provide accurate meaning equivalents.

Looking for a professional Bengali translation service?

Our pool of professional Bengali translators is extensively experienced in translating for a wide range of industries and is well equipped to mitigate the above risks. If you need a Bengali translation service, we have vast knowledge and expertise for you!


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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