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Here Are Our Brand-New Pahari Translation Services

The vast world of languages isn’t quite as cut and dry as Europe might make it seem. In Europe, most countries are dominated by a single language, with language communities shifting dramatically the moment one crosses international borders. But in places all over Africa and Asia, the situation is completely different. Dozens or even hundreds of languages may coexist within a single country, with no one language dominating across the national population. Languages may span several nations without a nexus in any single one. And in some cases, languages may even defy conventional classification—such as Pahari.

Indeed, nestled deep in the mountains of South Asia, we find a language known by several names, including Pahari, Pothwari, or Pahari–Pothwari. The language is spoken by several million people in both India and Pakistan, but the ambiguous classification of the tongue, as well as its transnational nature and numerous dialects, makes it difficult to derive a precise speaker figure. The language can be counted as a dialect continuum, with its many dialects mutually intelligible but less so on the extreme ends of the speaker area. Unsurprisingly, not many translation firms cover Pahari—but here at, we’re proud to introduce our new Pahari translation team.

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Pahari: a unique language hidden in the mountains of South Asia

Pahari speakers are concentrated in the Pothohar Plateau region of northern Pakistan and the narrow Pakistani region of Azad Kashmir, which straddles the border with India. Across the border in the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, we find more native Pahari speakers, with more scattered across various parts of northwestern India, such as Punjab or Haryana. The language is divided into three key dialects—Pahari, Pothwari, and Mirpuri—with the dialect of Gujar Khan regarded as the prestige dialect.

Pahari is considered a transitional language between the related languages of Punjabi and Hindko, and it shares mutual intelligibility with both. It’s generally written in the Shahmukhi script, a modified version of the Perso–Arabic script designed for Punjabi, but it can also be written in Gurmukhi, a Laṇḍā script used by Punjabi speakers in India. Pahari verbs conjugate for person and number, like in many other Indo–European languages, and places particles after the noun to indicate case. Though Pahari’s grammar strongly resembles that of Punjabi, distinctions in, for example, the object and genitive particles are notable.

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Pahari is a mysterious and often overlooked language that nonetheless boasts millions of speakers and a rich history. The tongue’s many names and uncertain classification make it difficult to find suitable translation services for, but at, we’re dedicated to providing the best Pahari translation services we can. Whether you’re working with Pahari, Pothwari, Mirpuri, or any of the other dialects in the continuum, our passionate translators, who hail from Pakistan and India alike, are here to give you a hand.

Are you looking to translate English text into Pahari? Or do you need an expert to render your Pahari text into English? Our team can help in both cases, regardless of the subject matter and nature of your document. That’s right—whether you’re dealing with business documents, academic materials, literary texts, digital media, or anything else, we have the right Pahari translator for you on our team. With extensive experience in different areas of translation, our team members are eager to help you overcome the language barrier separating Pahari speakers from the rest of the world. We can even translate documents with esoteric language—simply tell us the field you’re working in, and we’ll set you up with a Pahari translator who knows your discipline.

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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